Tower of Druaga: Sword of Uruk [Anime]: A disappointing ending to the Tower of Druaga series

Oops… it’s a day late, but here it is…

Continuing off from last week, Tower of Druaga: Sword of Uruk (2009) is the sequel to Aegis of Uruk, continuing the story half a year after the end of the first anime. Like its predecessor, it is an adventure/fantasy anime and is 12 episodes long. 

Sword of Uruk

What’s it about?

After saving a little girl by the name of Ki from a group of soldiers, Jil must climb the tower again after agreeing to take her to the top. He teams up with his brother’s old team mates, Fatina and Utu, as well as a new character Henaro, to do this. They make it to the top successfully, but are forced to follow Neeba and Kaaya in travelling beyond the tower when Ki and Henaro are kidnapped.

The Positives

It’s clear quite early on in this anime that it tries to be a lot more serious than Aegis of Uruk. There are still a few funny moments, but they’re a lot more sparse, and there are only a couple of quasi-parody episodes very early on. However, there are much more serious and emotional moments, such as the group reuniting with Ahmey and Kally, and a couple of scenes concerning King Gilgamesh. Furthermore, there is more action, and a couple of more intense moments, particularly towards the end.

We've missed you!

We’ve missed you!

Another positive of this anime is that you finally get explanations for some of the odd scenes or events from the first anime. For example, *spoilers if you haven’t seen Aegis of Uruk*, you find out why King Gilgamesh didn’t die when he was assassinated in Aegis of Uruk, as well as why Kaaya betrayed everyone.

Finally I liked the dual plots that focused both on Jil and the various groups as they continued to climb (?) the tower, as well as Ethana and Kelb witnessing the increasing cruelty of King Gilgamesh, and their attempt to stop him.

The Negatives

Compared to Aegis of Uruk, the plot of Sword of Uruk is a lot more complicated, and there is a lot more happening. You would expect this to be a positive, but I found myself having to read episode summaries on Wikipedia to keep on track with what was going on. Some of the events are a little too abstract, and aren’t explained fully, making the anime a little too hard to follow. Furthermore, despite everything that is happening in the anime, I still found myself getting bored during the episodes… something that definitely shouldn’t be happening.

Finally, a lot of the new characters don’t mesh well with the quirky characters from the first anime. In particular, the Coffin Knights don’t sit well in the anime, are uninteresting, and seemingly unnecessary.

There are some new concepts that do not fit well.

The Coffin Knights- not well explained and not integrated well


Art:  7/10: Continues its good animation from Aegis of Uruk, with plenty of details.

Story: 5/10: Although the story’s good once you’ve figured it out, the anime doesn’t present it in an interesting or clear way.

Characters: 6/10: Most of the characters from the first anime are still quirky and entertaining, but new characters aren’t as good.

Although it attempts a little bit more maturity, the plot of Sword of Uruk is hard to follow, and new characters don’t fit well into the series. Furthermore, Sword of Uruk doesn’t have the same entertainment value as Aegis of Uruk, and marks a disappointing end to the series. I would recommend watching it only if you were completely hooked on the first series. If you really want to know what happens, reading a summary online would be a better way to spend your time. Overall, I give it 5/10.


Too hard to follow!

Even the characters look disappointed with the series!


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