Ookami Kakushi- Masque of the Wolf [Anime]: You can make better use of your time

It’s been a while since I last posted, sorry! Here’s something I watched recently; Ookami Kakushi- Masque of the Wolf (2010), a 12 episode (attempt at a) horror/mystery anime. 


What’s it about?

Hiroshi Kuzumi, his younger sister Mana, and their occult-writer father Masaaki have recently moved to the small mountain town of Jouga. The town has some unusual ancient customs that are still practised, and is supposedly home to a species of giant wolves. Hiroshi soon settles in, and is surprised by his popularity at his new school, with his classmates overzealous in befriending him. However, something seems to be amiss, with one girl, Nemuru Kushinada, acting cold towards him and seeming to be feared by the other students. It’s later revealed that the town itself is hiding some dark secret when a girl with a scythe murders one of Hiroshi’s classmates.

The Positives

There are only a couple of things I liked in this anime… the first is the ceremonial outfit that is worn by the girl who does the killings. Her scythe is also pretty cool with the bells on it and the crescent moon. The only other thing I particularly liked about this anime is the Jouga Counting Rhyme, which you hear a part of at the end of every episode.

I loved this costume!

I loved this costume!

There were a couple of other positives which I’ll mention briefly; the soundtrack of this anime included some pretty music, but was not particularly memorable, and the overall idea of the anime was pretty interesting, which is what drew me to it in the first place.

The Negatives

Let’s start with the visuals. I really did not like the art in this anime. Whilst some of the still shots and backgrounds were nice, the art for the characters was poor. The faces were disproportional (more so than most anime); the mouth and nose looked squashed with the eyes and forehead taking up the most space. There wasn’t really much attention paid to the movement of the characters either, which really showed in the action scenes.


Ugh… really didn’t like the faces in this anime…

Moving onto characters; I honestly did not care much for the mains. In fact, the only character I felt any sympathy for was Sakaki, the antagonist.

Finally, the plot. It was quite slow, dragging throughout all the episodes, even during the climax. The explanation for the killings in the town was predictable, which made me quickly lose interest. Although I understood the role of the Hunter and the different ‘races’ in the town, the importance of Kaori and her relationship to the Goddess Kannon seemed to come out of nowhere and was not well explained. Overall, it was just too dull.


Art:  5/10: Whilst some of the backgrounds were really nice, I couldn’t get past the poor art of the characters.

Story: 3/10: Although it had potential to be quite interesting, the execution of the plot was dull and slow.

Characters: 2/10: Characters were boring and I did not care for them at all.

Ookami Kakushi was a pretty disappointing anime; poor art, a slow plot, and characters that weren’t particularly appealing. Overall, I give it a 2/10, and a strong recommendation to spend your time elsewhere. If you liked the idea of the series, I’m sure you can find it better executed in a different anime…



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