Fairy Tail Hunger Games: Who would win?!

Fairy Tail Hunger Games

I came across this on the internet some time ago and wanted to see if others agreed with my predictions. I’ve only seen up to episode 187 (chapter 317/318), and I don’t read the manga, so there’s bound to be a lot of information I don’t know that could alter my decisions. When figuring this out, I assumed that each ‘district’ acted like a guild of its own, so that everyone perceived the others as enemies. WARNING: There may be potential spoilers ahead!


District 1: Natsu & Lucy

This is the ‘wildcard’ district, mainly because of Natsu. We’ve seen that Lucy can be quite powerful, and she’s definitely shown the potential to beat opponents much, much stronger than herself. However, there is always something that fails at the last minute, so I think Lucy would be next to useless in some of the battles with the other teams, especially when there are two strong members they need to fight. Natsu, being Natsu, is one of the strongest characters, fighting with emotion when he feels that his guild or friends are threatened. As Lisanna said, Natsu is stronger when his nakama are near him. Having said that, however, will Natsu be able to take on the stronger teams, for example Jellal & Erza or Laxus & Mirajane essentially single-handedly? I like to think that he is not strong enough yet to do that, but I still think you can’t discount this team.


District 2: Gray & Juvia

Separately, I don’t think these two are particularly strong. I don’t think Gray will ever be as strong as Natsu, and Juvia seemed to be more intimidating before she joined Fairy Tail. However, I think these two have a massive advantage in teamwork. This stems partly from the fact that their magic is very compatible, and I think they would easily be able to perform unison raids together. It also stems from the fact that Juvia is in-love with Gray; it was shown in the fight between Juvia and Meredy in the Tenrou Island arc that Juvia gets more powerful when she is in an emotional state, and fighting alongside Gray, she’s bound to be in that state all the time. I think these two would provide a challenge to most of the other opponents, BUT, I don’t think they are strong enough to take on the likes of Jellal & Erza or Laxus & Mirajane. KNOCKED OUT.


District 3: Jellal & Erza

It’s the match-up that everyone wants! Of course both of these mages are incredibly powerful; Jellal was once one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and it’s been suggested that Erza’s power is also at that level (for example, taking on 100 monsters in the Pandemonium event). Furthermore, these two would probably have the best teamwork out of all of the other districts (to be fair, though, most of the others are random pair-ups). These two have a strong emotional bond with each other, are both prepared to fight to the end to save each other, and are both crazy-strong. Good luck to the other districts.


District 4: Bacchus & Cana

I initially saw Bacchus has being the sole strong member of Quatro Cerberus, considering he supposedly rivalled Erza, but given his battle with Elfman, I’m left doubting his strength. Cana is meant to be strong too, but without Mavis to give her Fairy Glitter, she’d be left far behind. Although, I think this would be a hilarious duo to see working together. KNOCKED OUT.


District 5: Hibiki & Jenny

Considering that Hibiki has little-to-no fighting ability, and Jenny has proved that the only thing she’s good for is modelling swimsuits, these two don’t stand a chance. KNOCKED OUT.


District 6: Sting & Ultear

This is a bit of an interesting mix. Sting was not as powerful as Natsu, HOWEVER, he’s now fighting with ’emotions’ since Lector’s disappearance, and it is possible that he has gotten stronger. I don’t think he can be easily discounted. Ultear has some pretty powerful magic, and Gray only managed to defeat her because of his close connection with her mother. So, two strong mages, but probably lacking the teamwork. It’s hard to say how they’d fare.


District 7: Rogue and Meredy

Another random pairing here… Whilst Rogue is quite strong, I’ve recently seen that Gajeel is stronger than him, which, to me, suggests he is weaker than Natsu, Erza, and all others supposedly above Erza’s level. Meredy has interesting magic, and I guess she could use it to her advantage to link her opposing team members together so that they feel each other’s injuries, but I just can’t see this team winning. KNOCKED OUT.


District 8: Elfman & Wendy

Although Elfman has apparently gotten stronger, I still don’t see him as that much of a challenge. Wendy can always use her support magic, but I also do not have much faith in her abilities. I also don’t think these two would work well in a team together. KNOCKED OUT.


District 9: Rufus & Chelia

Now, despite the fact that Rufus has the most amazing magic and is pretty much unlimited in what he can do, we’ve seen that Gray managed to knock him out in the Grand Magic Games (unbelievable that Gray won, though). Chelia also seems to be really strong, and is probably strong enough to keep both members of the team in enough health to theoretically stay in the game. However, I just don’t see these two overcoming some of their opponents or working well together. KNOCKED OUT.


District 10: Lyon & Minerva

Lyon is meant to be quite strong, although I still think that Gray is stronger than him. Minerva would be the strongest mage in her guild, so she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. However, we’ve seen her back down from fights against two strong opponents (namely Erza and Kagura), and, given that I don’t think her and Lyon would work well together, I don’t think she could stand up to some of the competitors. KNOCKED OUT.


District 11: Laxus & Mirajane

Well, another pair you would not like to piss off. Laxus is one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail, although we have seen him falter in his attacks on a number of occasions. Mirajane is a little bit harder to judge… since the beginning of the anime, it’s been suggested that she was once really powerful, but has since lost the majority of her magic. This is seen when she fails to defeat Azuma in the Tenrou Island arc. However, given she’s had 3 months of training since returning from Tenrou Island, is it possible she’s back to her former glory? I think the fate of this team rests heavily on her.


District 12: Ren & Flare

We already know that Ren isn’t as powerful as most of the other characters, and I don’t think Flare would be much of a challenge either, given the other opponents. Could they even work as a team together? KNOCKED OUT.


So, this leaves us with Natsu & Lucy, Jellal & Erza, Sting & Ultear, and Laxus & Mirajane.  It’s a bit hard to call who’d win this… I feel Natsu & Lucy would struggle, but I am still hesitant to discount him; Sting & Ultear probably lack the teamwork, and Laxus & Mirajane’s success really depends on Mirajane. My conclusion? I’d be hesitantly placing my money on Jellal & Erza; they are both powerful mages, suited for combat, and they would have excellent teamwork. Plus they’re just the cutest couple!

What do you think? Did I knock out a team too easily? Did I place too much faith in a character’s abilities? What would happen if Gajeel or Kagura had been thrown into the mix? I’d love to know your opinion 😀



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