Looking Up at the Half-Moon [Anime]: Avoid at all cost

Hi everyone! Sorry for the somewhat sporadic posting; I’ve almost completely caught up with my reviews to what I’m watching now, but I’m not too far off finishing a couple of shows, so there will be some more in the future! I’m planning on doing one or two posts where I ramble on about anime-related stuff, so look forward to that!

Anyway, onto this review…

Looking Up at the Half-Moon (Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora) (2006) is a 6-episode anime adaptation of a drama/romance light novel series written by Tsumugu Hashimoto and illustrated by Keiji Yamamoto. I was initially drawn to this anime because the premise of hospital-confined children promised to be tragic and heart-felt… Read on to see how wrong I was…

Looking up at the Half Moon


What’s it about?

Yuuichi Ezaki has been confined to hospital with hepatitis A, and he’s less than impressed, sneaking out at every available opportunity. However, after meeting fellow patient Rika Akiba, a moody, selfish girl of the same age, he is soon captivated. As their friendship and feelings for each other deepen, Yuuichi slowly learns more about Rika’s serious medical problems and her need for a friend.

The Positives

The ending theme was pretty good and I found the opening theme very catchy. Nothing from the rest of the soundtrack really stood out to me, though. The animation quality and art style was pretty standard.

The Negatives

The most glaring negative of this anime is that it’s boring and predictable. The characters are generic, under-developed and/or irritating and the story itself is bland. In particular, Rika is a whiny, spoilt brat and Yuuichi is a complete push-over. There is a disturbing lack of emotion and the story drags through with a little melodrama, but not much else. A couple of characters who, when they first appear, seem to be quite interesting later turn out to be pretty bland (looking at you, Dr. Natsume).


Art:  6/10: Pretty standard animation.

Story: 2/10: Bland, predictable and disappointing.

Characters: 2/10: After watching all six episodes, I still don’t care about the characters.

Honestly, this anime is so terribly boring and poorly made that it’s hardly worth reviewing. You can find sadder stories elsewhere, more romantic stories elsewhere, and I’m sure that almost this exact plot has been used elsewhere and done better. Overall I give Looking Up at the Half-Moon 2/10, and a strong recommendation to steer clear.


No, not even a guy parading in a zebra mask could save this anime.

No, not even a guy parading in a zebra mask could save this anime.


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