30 Day Anime Challenge: Operation Starto!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had fantastic celebrations last night and that heads aren’t hurting too much this morning! May 2015 bring you much happiness, great anime, and a lot of laughs!

How we celebrate in the land down under.  (Credit to the original artist- sorry I couldn't find who it was)

How we celebrate in the land down under!
(Credit to the original artist- sorry I couldn’t find who it was)

Moving right along, and I’m finally taking up the 30 Day Anime Challenge for the month of January, starting tomorrow. I’ve altered the standard format slightly so that I’m not repeating myself, so here’s the version that I’m doing;

Day 1: Very first anime you watched

Day 2: Favourite anime of all time

Day 3: Favourite male anime character

Day 4: Favourite female anime character

Day 5: An anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

Day 6: An anime you want to see but haven’t yet

Day 7: The anime character you would cosplay as

Day 8: Your favourite anime couple

Day 9Best anime villain

Day 10: Worst anime filler arc you’ve watched

Day 11: An anime you thought you’d enjoy but didn’t

Day 12: The saddest anime you’ve watched

Day 13: The anime character you’re most similar to

Day 14: The anime you’ve re-watched the most

Day 15: Your favourite animal/pet character

Day 16: The anime with the best/most interesting art

Day 17: Your favourite anime opening

Day 18: Your favourite anime ending

Day 19: The most epic anime scene

Day 20: The most annoying anime character

Day 21: Your favourite ‘goofy’ anime character

Day 22: Your favourite weapon/gear/armour in anime

Day 23: Your favourite anime attack

Day 24: The most shocking anime scene

Day 25: Saddest anime death

Day 26: The best anime fight

Day 27: The most bad-ass anime scene

Day 28: Your favourite quote from an anime

Day 29: An anime you wish was re-made

Day 30: An anime you wish never ended

Phew, after typing that out, it really seems like a lot! If anybody out there wants to join me in the challenge, the new year is a great place to start!



3 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Operation Starto!

  1. Looking good! They’ve been great reads so far, keep it up!

    As stated elsewhere, I hope to pick this daily challenge after Blogging 101 finishes (since both at the same time would burn me out right quick, lol) but I hope me being far more limited in what I’ve seen won’t pose too much of a problem.

    • Thanks heaps 🙂
      Yeah, I can’t imagine trying to do two of these kind of things at once, I’m constantly worrying that I will miss a day!
      I was worried about being limited in what I’ve seen as well, since I haven’t seen some of the big anime (e.g. Bleach, Naruto, etc.), so that’s why I changed it a little bit so I wouldn’t be repeating myself. Hope you find that something that works for you 🙂

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