[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Ten: Worst anime filler arc you’ve watched

oh hello filler

I have a confession to make… I actually don’t mind filler that much. Sure, it can be beyond irritating when it’s in excess, but I can understand the need for it (if the anime is catching up to the manga), and I can also understand the anime creators wanting to use the characters and settings to explore their own ideas. As long as it is fairly well written, I really don’t mind seeing the characters doing slightly different things. To be fair though, I haven’t watched the anime considered the worst offenders, namely Bleach and Naruto. One Piece, although long winded, is actually not that bad in terms of filler. I’m going to be a little cheeky and answer with La Storia della Arcana Famiglia, because THE ENTIRE SERIES ACTS LIKE FILLER. If you haven’t watched it, I’m going to pretty much tell you everything about it now; in the first episode, we are introduced to the Arcana family, a mafia-of-sorts that includes individuals with powers. The head of the family announces that there is going to be a tournament between the people with powers to determine who is going to take over as the head. And then nothing happens. Instead of a quick look at the individuals competing and then a couple of episodes dedicated to the tournament (bear in mind the anime is only twelve episodes long), we get everything else; cat stories, memory loss, and unnecessary plot complication. When we finally get to the tournament- in the last episode- we get a couple of scenes and then the ending. For an anime with such a fantastic set up,the authors try everything possible to avoid following up. In my opinion, this is worse than any filler arc I’ve watched.



7 thoughts on “[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Ten: Worst anime filler arc you’ve watched

  1. This is so funny (and true). I saw La Storia a while ago and figured that they were building up to the tournament so that the viewers could get attached to a certain character and then root for them. I guess if they got to the tournament right away, it would have only been a couple episodes long haha.

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  3. I liked Dragon Ball Z when I first watched it, but I could never rewatch it due to the enormous amounts of filler. For similar reasons I don’t bother with shows like Bleach and Naruto. The worst case of filler/padding this out for me is Wolf’s Rain. It had four recap episodes in a row!

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