[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Two: Your favourite weapon/gear/armour in anime

I actually have no idea what to put down for this one. Sure, there are weapons out there that I like… Zoro’s Wado Ichimonji (mainly because of its significance) is a prime example, as well as armours, such as Erza’s Black Wing Armour, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they’re my favourite. Sure I notice them, I can recognise them, I like them in terms of design, or ability, or history, but apart from that, there’s not much else I can say. And it’s not like I’m not interested in weapons or armour either, I love watching things such as Man At Arms, I fence, so I naturally like swords, and I love learning about historically and culturally different weapons and armour. Obviously I’m yet to find one in an anime that I completely adore!


Since I don't have a favourite anime weapon, check out these cool looking Indonesian daggers (Keris)

Since I don’t have a favourite anime weapon, check out these cool looking Indonesian daggers (Keris)


5 thoughts on “[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Two: Your favourite weapon/gear/armour in anime

  1. Idk but imo, Erza’s sets of armours are all so amazingly designed and full of variety and practicalities. I like the Heaven’s Wheel Armor the most because it looks really pure and holy haha.

    Okay and I know that this may sound very silly, but my favourite weapon is actually the CLIMA TACT, Nami’s weapon in One Piece. Hear me out first haha, when Nami used the weapon for the first time, against Miss Doublefinger, I facepalmed so hard. But as seemingly useless as the features were, Nami actually won the battle! It consisted of very simple scientific facts, involving the mirages and boomerang, and the absolutely impractical clockwork-birds actually tangled around her enemy, inhibiting Miss Doublefinger from moving. After some upgrading, it has a wider variety of attacks, using the Heat, Cool and Thunder Balls. Indeed, it may not be cool and flashy at all, but it definitely left a deep impression in me! 🙂

    • Erza does have some really cool armour. I also like her not-armour, Nakama-armour (the one she uses when she’s really serious that’s just the training outfit). Heaven’s Wheel is also really cool, and probably the most identifiable, and I know what you mean about it looking pure and holy haha.

      I think you make a fair point. It is certainly one of the more interesting weapons in the anime, and definitely requires a little more intelligence than some of the others haha. I think it’s a really cool tie-in with Nami’s navigator role as well, and it’s awesome that no one knows what it is or what it does, so she always has the element of surprise. The first version was hilarious (yet strangely effective), but you’re right, the upgrade is pretty cool.

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