[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Four: The most shocking anime scene

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WARNING! This post contains spoilers for Another. Whilst they aren’t terrible spoilers, if you have any intention to watch the anime Another, please do NOT read this post because it will ruin the start of all of the excitement of the anime. The reason why this scene is such a shocking scene is because it is completely unexpected.


Okay, hopefully that’s deterred anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled. For me the most shocking anime scene is Yukari Sakuragi’s death in Another. Throughout the first few episodes of Another, you know something’s up, and you have the feeling that something is going to happen, but you just never expect this. On top of that, it’s a fairly gruesome scene; the animators don’t hold back with the graphics and the sound details are pretty gross. It catapults the rest of the series into action, and you know that it’s only going to be the beginning. Gruesome, unexpected, and certainly shocking.


WARNING: the following video has graphic details. Watch at your own discretion.



7 thoughts on “[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Four: The most shocking anime scene

  1. I liked Another a lot. However, not being a horror fan all that much, I did find the show well done as it made me fairly uncomfortable at times (just what should do).

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