[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Seven: The most bad-ass anime scene

Olivier 1

I really didn’t know what to put for this. I know lots of bad-ass characters… One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro, FMAB’s Olivier Armstrong, and Darker Than Black’s Hei are the few that come to mind straight away. However, I couldn’t really think of one bad-ass scene that really stood out… that is, what I would consider the “most bad-ass”. So instead of talking about the most bad-ass scene I’m going to talk about one of my favourite scenes with a bad-ass character in it [FMAB SPOILERS from here until the end]; Olivier Armstrong killing General Raven. So, General Raven has promised her a seat amongst the “chosen” elite of the army if she does what he says. Playing him in an attempt to get information, she agrees, and follows his orders. That is, until he tells her to forget about rescuing her men who have been trapped in an underground tunnel, and to turn a blind eye to the giant immortal thing that has dug its way into her fortress. That’s a step too far. Like any reasonable person, she casually STABS HIM THROUGH THE ARM and attempts to SLASH HIM IN HALF, which causes him to fall into the wet cement that was sealing the entrance to the tunnel.

raven's Death

As he drowns, she coolly informs him that he doesn’t need to organise a chair for her; she’ll simply take his. And then, calmly wiping the blood from her sword; “General, you are among the weak who will become the foundation for this country. Literally.” Throwing the bloodied gloves into the cement, she orders her men to smooth it out and marches off.

Holy hell. She’s so freaking bad-ass. I want to be her when I grow up.


See this face? This is a face you don't mes

See this face? This is a face you don’t mess with.


5 thoughts on “[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Seven: The most bad-ass anime scene

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  2. Blonde badass girls are, indeed, a rare breed of anime characters. Most of them are usually black haired. I don’t know if it’s just me, but from what I have observed, black hair color is more or less a common attribute of badass characters.

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