[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Thirty: An anime you wished never ended

Guess what? I’m NOT answering Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for this.

Tamaki Shock

I know. You’ve fallen out of your chair in shock. After all, I did answer 9/30 questions with some kind of reference to FMAB… that’s 30%! I have a problem. But the thing is, one of the things that I love so much about FMAB is the way the ending closes the series; neat, suitable, and with enough of a hint to get you thinking about what lies ahead for the brothers. Don’t get me wrong, if Hiromu Arakawa announced a second manga or anime that followed up on the story, I’d be in there like a shot. But I’m content with how it is now.

So now that I’ve rambled on so much about FMAB in an answer where I’m not actually answering with that anime, I’ll give you my actual answer. None of them. I love anime, and I love getting caught up in the story-line, but all good things must end. One of the things that marks a truly great story is its ability to finish well. So I don’t think that there is any anime out there I wish would never end. As much as I love One Piece… we don’t need multiple anime with the same idea. Get the story told, finish it, and move on. Otherwise I’ll be even more swamped with everything I’m trying to watch!

And so I’ve finished the 30 Day Anime Challenge! I feel exhausted having to think of a post everyday, but I’m glad I managed to do it. I hope I was at least somewhat entertaining, and I would love it read anybody else’s answers if they did it as well 🙂

My regular weekly posts will probably start up again either this Tuesday or next Tuesday, so watch this space!




6 thoughts on “[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Thirty: An anime you wished never ended

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  2. I agree, but I can’t help but wish there were some sequels of my favorite shows that obviously left the ending open for more (perhaps expecting to be funded and extended).

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