What I’m currently reading and watching

I had every intention to get my review of Death Note out today, but I’ve been incredibly busy with work and haven’t yet written it. I’m switching my posting day from Tuesday to Sunday, so I should have the Death Note review ready for Sunday. I hope I get some comments on this review… it’s not going to contain the usual love this series gets…


Anyway, instead of a review, here’s a look at what I’m currently reading and watching, so you’ll get an idea of what reviews will slowly make their way onto this blog. Once I finish them. When I have time. When I’m not working 😥

So many books!

Currently Reading:
Darker Than Black: Jet Black Flower. Chapter: 27/33. [Completed]
Fullmetal Alchemist. Chapter: 22/108. [Completed- rereading for the hell of it]
Read or Die. Chapter: 10/23. [Completed]
07 Ghost. Chapter: 18/99. [Completed- rereading in preparation for review]

Blue Exorcist. Chapter: 64/65. [Ongoing]
Fairy Tail Zero. Chapter: 7/8. [Ongoing]
The House Where Nightmares Dwell: Ghost Hunt. Chapter: 11/11. [Ongoing]
Psychic Detective Yakumo. Chapter: 42/42. [Ongoing]
The Wallflower: Chapter: 45/133. [Ongoing]

Unrelated to manga: The Three Musketeers (Alexandre Dumas). Chapter: 17/67.

About to Start:
Read or Dream. [Completed]

oh anime

Currently Watching:
City Hunter (Korean drama). Episode: 6/20. [Completed]
Ghost Stories. Episode: 8/20. [Completed]
Personal Preference (Korean drama). Episode: 6/16. [Completed- actually rewatching for the third time]
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Episode: 19/26. [Completed]
Stigma of the Wind. Episode: 19/24. [Completed]

Fairy Tail. Episode: 48/48 (223/223). [Ongoing]
One Piece. Episode: 392/683. [Ongoing]
Running Man (Korean variety show). Episode: 31/236. [Ongoing]

Recently finished: Death Note.


Now that I’ve typed it all out I want to cry! I’m falling behind or not catching up on the ongoing series, but at least I’ve almost finished most of the completed series. Definietly need to change my style of consuming media from watching several at once to binge watching one or two. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon!

Feel free to chat with me about any of the above series (keeping spoilers in mind). I’ll try to get my Death Note review out on Sunday!




11 thoughts on “What I’m currently reading and watching

  1. Out of curiosity, for Ghost Stories, is it sub or dub. Also which dub, the one that is a true dub or the could be considered an abridge series dub. If you are watching it normal and want to get a good laugh after watch the other dub that makes the series a huge joke.

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