Exciting news! During the week I managed to hit 100 followers! Hooray! *dances around joyfully but not really because I can’t dance*

Aw shucks, guys!


Thank you to everyone who is following this blog! I can’t believe I’ve somehow managed to convince 100 of you to stick with me and read my often too-long reviews. I know I’m not the most consistent blogger, failing to meet my once-a-week schedule more often than meeting it, but I really do appreciate every follow, like, and comment! I hope you’re enjoying my posts, and remember I am always open to suggestions on what you want to see here πŸ™‚

Just for fun, here’s 10 facts about me. I can’t guarantee that they’re interesting, but if you have some facts about you that you’re willing to share, I’d love to read them!

  1. I love dogs, they’re my favourite animal! My family have always had dogs, and we have two mixed-breeds at the moment; Scotty (female) who was surrendered to the RSPCA by her original owners, and Arnie (male) who was surrendered to a dog shelter by his original owners.


    My cute doggies: Scotty (L) and Arnie (R)

  2. I listen to a real mix of music. Some of the genres you’ll find on my iPod include show tunes, classical, classic rock, K-pop, folk, Vocaloid, Welsh choir music, various anime openings/endings, hard rock, pop, and more! I always like finding new genres and artists, and don’t discriminate by language. Even though I can only speak English, I listen to songs in Gaelic, French, Japanese, Korean, Welsh, Latin, Spanish, and Finnish, amongst others.
  3. The only place I’ve visited out of Australia is Bali, Indonesia, but I am currently saving for a two-month holiday through Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and Japan for the end of the year. I’ve travelled extensively in Australia, but South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania remain the only states I haven’t been to (yet!).
  4. My earliest memory is from when I was about two or three. My Dad, a police officer at the time, had to jump into a flooded river to save some people who had been caught up in it. I remember there being a helicopter with a spotlight, and my Dad being attached to bridge with some rope. It was scary, but worked out okay for everyone involved.
  5. I’m currently growing my hair as long as I can. It’s just about up to my waist, but I want it at least long enough to sit on. Once I’ve had it long for a while, I plan to cut it short and give it to a wig maker.
  6. In almost all of my primary school classes I was the tallest person. That was until the boys started catching up to me. Now I’m a not-too-shabby 177cm (about 5 foot 10 for you non-metric users).
  7. I can not handle spicy food. At all.
  8. My favourite movie as a kid was Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It still is one of my favourites, and I will always adore the movie’s battle scene.
  9. I’ve been writing stories ever since I was young. I don’t expect anything to come of them, it’s just a fun way to exercise my imagination. Although I’ve started countless stories, I’ve only ever managed to finish one.
  10. I talk a lot in my sleep. I talk a lot when I’m awake as well, so I guess that’s only a natural cross-over, right?

In other news, you may start to see some more posts coming out in the next few months. I’m having ankle surgery at the beginning of May for a ligament I managed to damage way back in July last year. That means 3 months of recovery, and reduced work, since it’s a bit hard to get a moon-boot into the water (job 1: swimming instructor), or wear safety boots (job 2: manufacturing). With all this free time on my hands, hopefully I’ll be able to get through a lot of anime, manga, and drama (and even write reviews for them!).

So thank you for following me, and I hope I continue to keep you at least mildly entertained for a while longer πŸ˜‰



20 thoughts on “100 Followers!

  1. Congrats!

    And good luck with the surgery! Demand lots of ice cream, because why not ~

    PS. Your dogs are so cute! They remind me of my pups who are currently with my dad. The big city isn’t a good life for them unfortunately 😦

    • Thank you πŸ˜€

      And yes, I’m pretty sure I’ll demand a diet of ice-cream and jelly after the surgery… that’s what I did for my wisdom teeth, so it’s about the same for ankle surgery… right?

      Aw thanks… I won’t tell my dogs you said that though, because Arnie’s already full of himself and doesn’t need the ego boost πŸ˜› Aw it’s a shame you don’t have your doggies with you, but I guess you gotta do what’s best for them 😦 Do you have lots and lots of photos? I sometimes skype my dogs when I’m away for too long haha

      • I’m a medical student at the moment, so i’d like to think I know a little about what you might be going through (going into orthopedics next though, so i’ll be learning a lot more!). The problem is that ligaments don’t have a very good blood supply, so it’s tough for them to heal on their own.

        • Oh that’s awesome! I’d love to study medicine, but I do not have the commitment for it! At least I get to study the brain through neuropsychology.

          Oh really? I think I had about three or four partial tears (I can’t remember by MRI results), and my friend studying nuclear medicine said that was quite bad to have a cluster like that. I think the surgeon described the problem as having a “chronically loose ankle”… years of netball injury probably helped with that…

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