Liebster Award Nomination… TIMES FOUR?!


Hi all!

As you can tell by me posting *two* weeks in a row, I have more free time on my hands… which means I’m recovery from my ankle surgery! Yay, free time! Yay, nausea, pain, and drowsiness? Anyway, it does mean that I can finally respond to a few Liebster Award nominations I received (some dating from February!).

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, and I did toss up whether or not to respond to the nominations in an actual post. However, I decided that there’s lots of awesome new blogs that I’m following that I would love to share with everyone, and the Liebster Award was pretty much designed for that sole purpose, so here goes! First up, I’ll respond to the nominations I received, nominate a couple of blogs I love that you should definitely check out, and pose some questions of my own. If you want to answer these questions as well (especially if you nominated me), add them into the comments, it’ll be awesome to check them out!

ONE!: Just Something About Lynlyn

  1. What made you start a blog?
    I was talking about anime a lot with two of my really good friends, and realised that I really liked expressing my opinions about different series, pointing out the things I liked and things I didn’t, and so on. I thought blogging would be a good platform to continue that habit 🙂
  2. What inspires you to write?
    Uh… free time? I don’t really know. I like talking and writing is the obvious transition when it comes to online 😛 I just like participating in discussion.
  3. What’s your favourite novel, anime, TV show, or film?
    How can I choose with all of these options?! >.< For anime, I think almost everyone who follows me knows it’s Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I’ve only expressed those feelings a few thousand times. I have a hard time choosing novels, so I’ll just go with long-term favourite Harry Potter, a TV show I’ve always loved is M*A*S*H, and I don’t really have a favourite film, so I’ll go with long-term favourite Lord of the Rings 😛 (I love the Lord of the Rings books too, but I just adore how they managed to capture the feel of the books in the movies)
  4. Do you have a least favourite novel or show?
    Yes, don’t we all? Instead of naming one, I’ll talk about the genre.. you know the shows like Toddlers and Tiaras or Dance Moms? Yeah, I hate shows like that… horrifying parent-child shows that go out of their way to be controversial. We need less of that in our lives.
  5. Who is your favourite character in a novel or show?
    Well, considering I didn’t really give you a definite answer for a TV or show, Imma go with my first K-drama love… Moon Jae Shin from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He’s loyal, brave, and protective, willing to sacrifice to save those dear to him. He’s also intelligent and can quickly understand others’ situations as an explanation for the way they behave. He’s also adorable and hiccoughs around females because he gets so nervous, and looks incredibly dorky on the rare occasions he wears his school uniform. Perfect for fan-girling over ❤

    Furthermore, the actor Yoo Ah In is not too bad on the eyes...

    Furthermore, the actor Yoo Ah In is not too bad on the eyes…

  6. Name a character you identify yourself with the most?
    I have no idea. I always have issues with these types of questions… I guess I identify with strong female characters who carry on with what needs to be done, despite emotional heartaches… characters such as Personal Preference’s Park Gae In or City Hunter’s Kim Na Na.
  7. If you could live in any fictional world, where would you live?
    Middle-Earth. That’s a no brainer… Rivendell, Lothlorien, the Shire, Rohan, Gondor?? What other world would I chose?!
  8. If you could have dinner with an anime, novel, or TV show character, who would it be?
    Luffy from One Piece! His energy and happiness is so infectious! I think even an hour around him would boost anyone’s self-esteem in amazing ways. Well, as long as you’re not paying for the meal!
  9. Do you have a motto you live by? If so, what is it?
    I have two but they’re not really mottos, they’re just things that I like to keep in mind. The first is “even if you’re scared, do it anyway” which is what I say a lot to the kids I teach at swimming. It reminds me to go ahead and try something despite how I feel about it initially, because it’s better to do something scared than to live in regret of not doing it. The second is “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” because it really covers all your bases 😛
  10. What is one thing you want to accomplish in this lifetime?
    Set foot on every continent! Well, maybe exclude Antarctica.
  11. If you could change one thing about society or the world, what would it be?
    I wish everyone had more respect. More respect for themselves, each other, differences, and similarities. The world would be a happier place.

TWO!: Maria Rants About Stuff

  1. What inspired you to create a blog?
    See above section.
  2. What was your first anime?
    The terrible 4Kids dub of One Piece… and I completely adored it!
  3. If you could cosplay any character (assume crafting skills and money are not an issue), who would you choose?
    Oooooh good question. I’d want something super-detailed just for the hell of it, but I can’t really think of anything… Maybe something like the dress Euphemia or C.C. is wearing in this artwork…

    Although those dresses might be a pain to move in...

    Although those dresses might be a pain to move in…

  4. Aside from reviewing anime, what are some of your other hobbies?
    Reviewing drama and manga! But seriously, I also enjoy fencing (when I’m not recovering from a netball injury), netball (until recently), knitting (although I’m not very good), baking, logic games (I’m a regular nerd), and seeking out interesting facts and information.
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    Everywhere and anywhere! I just want to travel and eat 😀
  6. Which was the saddest anime you’ve ever watched?
    We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day 😥
  7. The funniest anime?
    I thought that Cuticle Detective Inaba was hilarious, despite many reviews that disagreed. I guess that random/bizarre humour is my cup of tea. I also laughed a lot in the anime adaptations of Fruits BasketOuran High School Host Club, and the first few episodes of The Devil is a Part-Timer!.
  8. If you could star in any anime, which would you chose?
    I would love to have an appearance in One Piece, with my own ridiculous ship and crew, random power, and memorable laugh! It would be so much fun; I wouldn’t even care if I starred as a villain! It’s such an over-the-top anime; I don’t think there’s an idea out there that’s too crazy for it.
  9. If you could take any anime character out on a date, who would you pick?
    Of course, it would be my love Zoro from One Piece. I’d imagine it would be a pretty boozy date.
  10. If you could have any career in the world, what would you want to do?
    Hmmmm… probably something involving lots of different types of food… an international food blogger would be pretty fantastic. Although I’m not very fussy when it comes to food, so everything would get really good scores. Then the chefs would be happy, and I’d be happy, right?
  11. What is a goal you wish to accomplish this year?
    At the moment, it’s getting my ankle healed up so I can get my fitness back to a reasonable level (not that it was fantastic to start with…). In the grander scheme of things, it’s getting my act together so I can go on a massive holiday at the end of the year!

THREE!: Dadwatchesanime

  1. What are your top three anime?
    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (hey! What a surprise!), Code Geass, and One Piece. That’s a tough one, though. I might disagree with this after I post it haha.
  2. Which anime have made you cry the most?
    See above for saddest anime. But also One Piece, because, damn, some of those back stories are heart-breaking! Not every character needs a tragic past!
  3. Which anime that you were looking forward to disappointed you the most?
    Three way tie between Death NoteSword Art Online, and Angel Beats!, mainly because of all the hype they received, or the premise of them sounded really good.
  4. What character have you despised the most? Why?
    I despise the “goofy but funny” character type when it’s beyond painful and not funny. Half of One Piece’s villains, and Fairy Tail’s Ichiya fit this bill.
  5. Your top 10 favourite characters?
    Ten?! TEN?! Okay, let me think this one through (by think this through, I mean sleep on it, go through every anime I watch, list my favourite characters, and make a few sacrifices to only get ten). First place would be Zoro (One Piece) and second place would be Erza (Fairy Tail). For third place, I’d have to go with Ling Yao from FMAB because he’s awesome. Fourth would be Olivier Armstrong from FMAB. Fifth I would have to say… Brook from One Piece. I still haven’t seen that many episodes with him in it, but I just adore him. Sixth would go to One Piece’s Robin; I just love how direct she is all of the time.  Now the last few are a bit tricky, and probably interchangeable in terms of position. I’d have to say Natsu (Fairy Tail) because he’s such a loveable idiot and has cool magic. Mustang (FMAB) because he’s so sassy and awesome. And then my final two would be Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suou (Ouran High School Host Club) because they’re both really fun characters. Looking at my choices… wow, such anime variety.
  6. Your favourite OP or ED?
    I like quite a few, but my favourite OP is “Again” (FMAB) and “Secret Base” (We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day and I really need to start referring to this anime with a shorter title)
  7. What do you watch aside from anime?
    Asian dramas and the Korean variety show “Running Man”. My family also watches a lot of detective-police shows (dad’s an ex-police officer), so pretty much any show belonging to that genre I’ve watched at some point. I also like a lot of sitcoms but don’t really watch them regularly… Friends and Will and Grace would be the two big ones from there. RANDOMLY going to recommend a series here… it’s an Australian comedy/parody (not sure how accessible it is out of Aus) and has some very unique humour. Check out the trailer here.
  8. What upcoming shows are you looking forward to?
    I am terrible at keeping up to date with upcoming shows… whether it’s anime, western shows, Asian dramas, or anything else. I try not to commit to anything because I tend to fall behind. OH WAIT, I lie. There is one show I’m looking forward to… it’s Song Joong Ki’s comeback drama “Descended From the Sun”! He’s my favourite Korean actor and this series looks quite interesting, so I am super pumped for this!

    Yeah, I can't believe that this baby-face is turning thirty this year...

    Yeah, I can’t believe that this baby-face is turning thirty this year…

  9. How did you get into anime?
    I got sick of my friends talking about it without me having any idea what was going on, so I decided to check it out. Well, either that or I finally succumbed to my best friend’s nagging to watch FMAB.
  10. Have you attended any anime conventions?
    Sadly, none dedicated purely to anime. I have attended Supanova, which features anime, and that was pretty cool. I’d love to go to one of the really big ones and check out all the cosplay.
  11. How do you family or peers feel about your anime viewing?
    As I mentioned, a lot of my friends already watch it. The ones who don’t watch it don’t really care either way (they’re all pretty geeky anyway). And my family doesn’t really care, as long as they’re not forced to watch it 😛

FOUR!: Morning Toast

  1. If you could be any type of food, what would it be? 
    Hmmm… maybe fugu because then there’s a pretty good chance I’d kill the person trying to eat me. If I have to suffer, they do too -.-
  2. If you had to pick any director to direct your life, who would it be?
    Michael Bay, if only for significantly more explosions.
  3. What character or actor would play you in “Your Life’s Story, the Movie”?
    Emma Stone because we are equally gorgeous, intelligent, and sassy…

    Yep, we’re basically twins.

  4. Which time of day is your favourite time and why?
    Night, because it’s when I’m most awake. Also, I love extremely bright nights which makes everything look pretty. I also really like dusk too, because the colours in the sky are so mesmerising.
  5. What is your favourite colour and what do you think it would taste like?
    Red! I think it would have a nice, warm taste. Like a steamed, prawn dumpling. Or perhaps I just want dumplings.
  6. If you had to cut off one part of your body, which one would it be?
    My left foot, from just above the ankle down. Why? Because I have injured it twice in four years, had to have surgery on it, and am sick of it hurting. Hopefully my answer to this question will change in a couple of months when I’m all healed up.
  7. Where do you picture yourself tomorrow or in 25 years?
    Such a random question, haha! Well, for tomorrow, I’d say home, in bed, sleeping, or watching anime/drama/music videos. In 25 years? Goodness knows. I’d be in my forties then, what a scary thought. Hopefully working a job that I love, surrounded by family and friends who I adore. Or travelling the world, coz c’mon, who wouldn’t want that option?
  8. Would you drink nail polish if someone gave you 500 bucks?
    Hell no! Have you smelt that stuff? Can you imagine what it would taste like?! …
    Having said that, if we can negotiate the price upwards a bit, and the amount to drink down, I may be tempted…
  9. What are some secrets you think the government is hiding?
    MH370. There is no way NO government knows about that.
  10. If you had to be a stuffed animal for a toddler, what would you be?
    Something durable. Very durable. And shaped like an elephant, because they’re cute.
  11. What was your first anime ever, and would you want to live in it?
    One Piece, and hell yeah!

Wow, there were some awesome questions this time round, thanks everyone who nominated me! I’d like to nominate the following blogs…

Easha Press: Anime? Check. K-pop? Check. Geekiness? Check. One-stop for everything!

Kuroneko’s Pen: Bite-size anime reviews that are direct and to the point.

Kchat Jjigae: A great stop for all your K-culture needs.

Lisa Tiller: A fun slice-of-life/bucket-list blog.

Speculative OP: An interesting catch-all blog for anime and pop-culture.

If you’ve never heard of the Liebster Award before, it’s a chance for new blogs to connect to each other. Basically, you answer the questions given to you and then nominate 11 (or however many you want) other blogs with less than 1,000 followers. There’s also an option to provide 11 facts about yourself, if you’re so inclined.  Here are your questions, enjoy!

  1. What song/album have you been compulsively listening to for the last few days/weeks/months?
  2. What was your favourite subject at school, and were you good at it?
  3. If humans colonised another planet, would you move to it, or stay on Earth?
  4. When was the last time you ate chocolate?
  5. Are there any objects that you collect? How did that start?
  6. What’s a little-known film/book that you think everyone needs to experience?
  7. Do you have a favourite AMV or MV?
  8. Are there any foreign shows (excluding anime) that you got hooked on? (By foreign, I mean foreign language).
  9. What is your favourite muffin flavour?
  10. What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever bought/done?
  11. Is there an article on your blog that you’re particularly proud of? If so, please link it and explain why. 


7 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination… TIMES FOUR?!

  1. Exactly! Toddlers and Tiaras and shows like this need to go away. How scary some people watch the stuff.

    Your not the only one. I also thought Cuticle Detective Inaba anime was extraordinary for the comedy genre. I guess I love me some random/bizarre humour! Happened to review this anime on my blog too. Something which only do most of the time for the truly special anime.

    Haha. 🙂 Emma Stone. Love a lot of her acting work too.

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