I Need Your Creative Ideas!: Cosplay/Dress-up

Hi everyone!

So here’s the run-down. My fencing club is celebrating our 60th Anniversary next month; it’s going to be really awesome; we’re having a dinner where everyone has to come as a “Swashbuckling Hero from History”… basically it leaves door open to anybody from anything related to swords; Zorro, pirates, Jedis, the three musketeers, if they’re related to a sword-like instrument in some way, then it’s okay!

Wow check out the bend in those epees!

Wow check out the bend in those epees!

My original plan was to go as a gender-bent Zoro from One Piece (pre-timeskip), because, let’s face it, there isn’t much to the outfit; I can source it from op-shops mostly. However, this is one small problem… the hair. Zoro’s easily recognised by his short, spiky bright green hair. On the otherhand, I have long, brown hair down to my waist. Considering I’m only dressing up for one night, I am not dedicated enough to dye my hair (I’d have to bleach it first anyway) and I doubt spray-in hair colour would alter my hair very much. I was thinking of plaiting in light-green ribbon throughout my hair to at least hint towards Zoro’s hair colour. I could always try a wig, but it would take some serious messing-around with my hair to actually get in underneath.

I can totally pull of that fierce expression too!

I can totally pull of that fierce expression too!

I was wondering if anybody out there- whether you’re a cosplayer or not- have any suggestions or hints for me? Perhaps an alternative character with a relatively cheap/easy-to-find outfit who’s involved with a sword in some way? I don’t mind if they’re from anime, comics, movies, or real-life history.

Any help would be appreciated šŸ™‚



14 thoughts on “I Need Your Creative Ideas!: Cosplay/Dress-up


    haha jokes aside, hmm there’s quite a handful of swordsman, you could be Kirito from SAO, Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist, Yuichiro from Owari no Seraph? oh erm Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill has an extremely cheap costume hahaha but they have really short hair too haha.

    as for girls, hmm I can only think of Erza from Fairy Tail, and Shakugan no Shana… OH and the MC from Kyoukai no Kanata but she has short hair too. LOL im just scrolling through my anime list. That’s all I can think of. Hope this helps ><

    • Wow so many suggestions! I feel like I haven’t been watching enough sword-related anime haha.

      I actually love the idea of Brook, he’s one of my favourtie characters. All I would need to buy is a skeleteon short, and gloves.. but then then there’s the afro… don’t know if I could quite pull that off, but it’d be fun anyway >.<

      I like the idea of Rin too.. his uniform would be pretty easy to get too… but the problem is the hair again haha.

      I was having a think about it, and I was also considering Chizuru from the Hakuouki series because we actually have the same hair! I'd just have to figure out if I wanted western or Japanese style clothing and how to get it :/

      Thanks for all of the suggestions, anyway, you've given me a lot to think about šŸ˜€

      • EHHH i just checked Chizuru out and she looks good plus she’s relatively easy to cosplay? And if your hair is similar than that’s one less thing to buy HAHA

        omg i meant it as a joke, bc i thought it was impossible to cosplay as a skeleton haha or not as lookalike i guess. But if you are able to somehow look like Brook, then I’d say go ahead šŸ™‚

        Welcome! Now that I think about it, swordsman/woman are quite rare in anime? It’s become like mostly magic or mecha guns haha. All the best for your cosplay event!!

        • Yeah, hopefully I can get my hands on her costume, or I can maybe make it myself? I’ll have to see how I go haha.

          I dunno, I reckon it would be possible to cosplay as Brook… it obviously wouldn’t be perfect, but that’s okay šŸ˜›

          Yeah I guess they are pretty rare, but I haven’t really watched anything that sword related like Rurouni Kenshin

  2. Here are my suggestions:

    Sword Art Online – Asuna
    Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning (but it’s kinda expensive for her cosplay)
    Legend of Zelda – Link
    Adventure Time – Fiona
    Black Butler – Elizabeth (Fencer!)
    The Betrayal Knows My Name – Murasame Touko
    Shakugan no Shana – Shana

  3. Go with Nico Robin! She’s easy to cosplay, too. Do her outfit from the Fishman Island Arc. And do her “Hana Hana” pose, and you’re done. šŸ˜‰

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