(Not-quite) Five AMVS that are just for fun!

You can get some really serious anime music videos (AMVs) that are wrought with emotion, invoking memories of the characters’ struggles and despairs, and, hopefully, eventual victory. And then you have AMVs that are the complete opposite; they’re silly, funny, and aren’t meant to be taken seriously… just like the AMVs in this post! What a coincidence! These AMVs make me laugh, and are a cool little tribute to the anime they depict, without getting into the angst and remaining light and fun!

My Anacadona Don’t (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

We need a moment of silence over here… this AMV has been blocked/deleted. It did depict the wonderfully cringe-worthy Nicki Minaj song with equally wonderfully cringe-worthy fan-service clips of everybody’s favourite all-male swim team to create a surprisingly watchable AMV (trust me, it wasn’t as tacky as it sounds). Unfortunately, it’s another clip lost to copy-right laws. Instead, here’s a link to another Fairy Tail clip that I wanted to include in this post, but left out because there’s already one here. This AMV is fittingly appropriate for the series, although I must put a language warning beforehand if that’s not your kind of thing.

She’s Killing Me (Anime Mix)

Although I’ve only seen one of these anime, I really like how the clips have been put together in this little tribute to tsundere characters and the like. The song by A Rocket to the Moon is appropriately equal parts sweet and funny, suiting the various clips in here really well. The AMV is neat and tidily put together- love it!

Hello Kitty (Fairy Tail)

One of my favourite, fun anime deserves to be on this list, and I really like this AMV using Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty”. This AMV uses a lot of fun clips from the series, and I really like the cute chibi art that is flashed across the screen as well. The song is fitting, although I’m surprised that the maker keeps away from the Edolas arc (probably to avoid spoilers concerning the Exceeds). There’s also a few clips used from OVA episodes as well, which is a nice touch.

Gives You Hell (FMAB)

Is this a thing? Do people ship Olivier and Mustang? If so, they’re totally wrong, because we all know it’s Royai all the way. Regardless, I like this short AMV for depicting the love/hate relationship between these two Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood characters (or is it a hate/hate relationship?). The song by The All-American Rejects suits the mood as well, and the different clips from the series have been cleverly put together.

Ayame (Fruits Basket)

Finally, I couldn’t resist this cute little tribute to one of my favourite Fruits Basket characters! “I’m strange, and I like it”  is the perfect catch-phrase for this crazy, one-of-a-kind character. The clips truly capture Ayame’s flamboyant, overly confident, and over-the-top nature, and with Skye Sweetnam’s fun “Just the Way I Am” blaring, it is all kinds of perfect.

Are there any AMVs that you like to watch because they capture the fun of an anime you enjoy? It’d be awesome if you shared them below 🙂



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