My Aunt’s Amazing Sewing Skills

Quite a while ago I posted about needing ideas for an anime character that I could cosplay/dress-up-as for my fencing club’s 60th anniversary sword-related dress up dinner. I received some awesome suggestions (check out the comments in the original post if you need ideas!) but after debating feasibility, cost, and time-frame, I ended up choosing Yukimura Chizuru from the Hakuouki series.

Fortunetly, I didn't look this unhappy on the actual night...

Fortunately, I didn’t look this unhappy on the actual night…

I was tossing up whether or not to try and make her Japanese-styled clothing or the western-styled clothing that she wears in the second season. After chatting with my Aunt, who used to make all of her kids’ costumes for school and parties, we decided on the western-styled clothing. So away I went to the second-hand shop and bought a basic black jacket and white blouse for less than $20. The blouse had white flowers sewn onto the front along the buttons for a sort of ruching effect, and the jacket was styled like a suit, but with very light material. Then I left it in my Aunt’s capable hands…

Chizuru's original design as well as the cosplay images from this website served as our template for the design.

Chizuru’s original design as well as the cosplay images from this website served as our template for the design.

The final result!

The final result!

I was pretty impressed with the final result! Sure it’s not exactly the same, but she made it in under a week, and it looks damn awesome. All I needed to buy was a few ribbons here and there and a pair of brown boots to complete the look and voilร ! (I had an imitation katana-styled sword at home already to go). The best thing was that the clothes were easy to wear for the whole night; considering I was up and down socialising, helping present awards, and packing up after the event, this was a big plus! I think wearing the hakamashita (short kimono) and hakama would have been more of a hassle, with the long sleeves making eating a pain (we had soup for one of the courses), and the long hakama that I would have been focusing on not tripping over.

All in all it was a fun night ย and I couldn’t thank my Aunt enough for putting in all the effort! (She was richly rewarded with two bottles of wine, so she was happy!)



8 thoughts on “My Aunt’s Amazing Sewing Skills

  1. Wow OMG, that looks fantastic for such a short time!! You should post a picture when you wear the entire outfit, if you don’t mind, that is. Anyway, cosplay looks awesome, and tell your aunt that the time was well spent for these results ๐Ÿ˜€

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