The Creative Blogger Award


Here we go with another round of awards 🙂 This time it’s The Creative Blogger Award, with the nomination coming for L-zerb (Getting Up Early), Lynlynsays (Just Something About Lynlyn), and leaveit2me (PopCultureMecha)… thanks guys!

The rules are as follows;

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Share 5 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15-20 bloggers and let them know by linking back to their blogs.

Well because I’m so popular, I might share 5 facts per nomination 😛

  1. I love toe-socks! I have lots of different pairs of them. The more brightly coloured they are, the better!
  2. I am currently trying to use chopsticks as much as I can so I don’t look like a complete idiot when I go travelling to Asia at the end of the year. Surprisingly I can pick up rice and small things quite well, but struggle with larger pieces of food.
  3. I can’t completely make a “gun” shape with my left hand if I want to use my middle finger and pointer finger as the “barrel” of the “gun”. This is because I can’t straighten my middle finger without my ring finger also straightening / I can’t have my ring finger bent completely while trying to straighten my middle finger. Yet I can do it if I use my other hand to hold down my ring finger.
  4. Similarly, I can’t make my right hand into a “phone” shape with my pinky finger as the bit you talk into and my thumb as the speaker because I can’t straighten my pinky with my ring finger being bent / can’t bend my ring finger with my pinky being straight. Again, it works if I use my other hand to hold it. Weird.
  5. I don’t have a smart phone. Instead, I have one of the old Nokia E63s. I tend to keep things for as long as possible until they no longer function, rather than jumping on the latest piece of technology as soon as it comes out.
  6. I love singing, but I am a terrible singer. Despite being a bad singer, I sing as part of my job. Go figure.
  7. My last pair of headphones were chewed up by my dog 😦 As far as I’m aware, she didn’t actually eat them, just chewed them until they were completely destroyed. And I don’t mean the wire part, I mean the actual bud part. She did the same thing to my dad’s. Weird.
  8. I judge how well my week is going at work by how many children I make cry, with more being better. It makes me sound like a heartless bitch, but these things happen.
  9. I drive a manual car.
  10. I can’t stand salt and vinegar chips. I hate them with a passion.
  11. “White Fang” by Jack London is probably the only book I’ve ever read that I didn’t finish. I was reading the last couple of chapters and realised I didn’t want to know the end of the wolf’s story because it would be sad, so I left it (I was probably around 10~12 at the time).
    White Fang
  12. As a kid (not incredibly young, around six plus), I used to get annoyed at my schoolmates when they drew pictures where trees, people, etc., were the wrong colours (as in purple trees with orange leaves sort of stuff). No idea why, it just used to bug me that these kids were drawing them “incorrect”.
  13. I talk very, very quickly. Giving speeches were always a nightmare for me when I was studying because I would always talk too fast in them. One time, however, it paid off. My partner went over-time in her half of a (ten minute) speech so I only had 3 minutes left to complete the other half. I finished the last sentence about a millisecond before the tutor called time. I only wished I had a mic to drop so I could saunter off stage and take my seat like a boss.
  14. My two favourite sports to watch in the Winter Olympics are figure skating and the biathlon.
  15. I used to model for a friend of a family as a kid. She had her own clothing store and I was the model for girl clothes. I can remember posing for photos a couple of times, and can also remember walking on a runway.

Those were my (sort of?) interesting facts, and now onto my nominees! Because I’m such a rebel, I didn’t meet the 15-20 bloggers required by the award, but instead picked out some of my favourite blogs who I think deserve the award because they are creative in their style of writing or in the topics they cover. You should definitely check them out!

Let Me Be Smart At You

Amaya from Night Rain

Kay from Kdrama Kisses

DF from Aniwhat? Aniwho? Anime.

Totesenota from Anime Reviews By Someone Who Isn’t a Weeaboo


2 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award

  1. Cause you know, why count sheep when you can count crying children instead, right? Lol You’re going to Asia, that’s neat! And I’m a quick speaker too, so no worries. It just means we have a lot to say about something :>

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