See you soon, chicklets!

Hi all! Anyone who’s been reading this blog knows that I’ve been talking about an up-coming holiday for a while now. Well, this is my last post before I leave! I had hoped to get a couple more reviews out, but you can look forward to those when I get back- sometime in mid-to-late-February! It’s a long time (the longest I’ve spent away from home!), but I am super excited, and I’ll be back to post about all of my awesome adventures! See you then, lovelies! Have safe holidays and take care of yourselves while I’m away!


PS. The rest of this post is purely me bragging about where I’m going and what I’m doing. Feel free to skip in a jealous fit of rage 😛

Firstly, we (we being myself and two of my closest friends) fly to Hong Kong to eat yummy street food, check out the shopping, and soak in the atmosphere. We’re planning to sneak in a day trip over to Macau, and admire the Portuguese and Chinese architecture.


(L-R) The beautiful Hong Kong, as seen from Victoria Peak; Senado Square’s architecture  is not what you expect to see in Asia!

From Hong Kong, we fly directly to Xi’An, a city in China most well known for its close location to the Terracotta Army. Unfortunately, we’re not here for very long; we fly in, spend the night, and catch the overnight train out the next night. The overnight train (an interesting experience, I hope) will take us to Pingyao Ancient City, a well-preserved old city with intact city walls, city tower, and other cool buildings. We arrive early in the morning and leave mid-afternoon to the next exciting place… Beijing! Forbidden City, more food, Temple of Heaven- I’m so excited!


(L-R) The Terracotta Army at Xi’An; Pingyao’s Ancient City is a sight to behold; Beijing’s Forbidden City has been on my bucket list for a long time!

Just before Christmas we fly to Seoul, South Korea. Now we’re talking Korean stars, Korean food, and Korean sites! We spend Christmas in Seoul, and fingers crossed we get snow! Us Aussies (and one Indonesian) aren’t used to snow; especially at the end of the year when it’s normally stinking hot! Hopefully we can visit one of South Korea’s ski resorts and make complete fools of ourselves. We travel down to South Korea’s southern city Busan for New Year’s! Usually a summer city because of its great beaches, we’re really visiting in the off season, there’s still a lot I want to do both in the city, and just out of it!


(L-R) Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace is only a stone’s throw away from where we’re staying!; It’d probably be safer for me to stick to tobogganing, but I really want to try skiing or snow boarding!; Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is a little bit out of Busan, but those views are worth the visit!

For the last, and longest, leg of the journey we fly straight to Osaka, Japan! This is where things start to get hectic; our first section is made up of Osaka, Kyoto, and day trips to Himeji Castle and Nara. I’m also going to see Big Bang in their MADE tour at Osaka Dome! OH THE HYPE! I’m looking forward to all of the delicious Japanese food that I’m going to eat. Hello takoyaki! Hello udon!


(L-R) The beautiful Himeji Castle is number 1 on my list of places to visit in Japan; hopefully the concert will be wow, Fantastic Baby (yay K-Pop puns!); Kyoto’s Gion District looks amazing!

The next part of our journey involves training through Nagoya for the Kuwana Light Festival, pass Matsumoto Castle, and finally up to Nagano to visit the Japanese snow monkeys. It’s a lot of travelling in the space of a few days, but time is of the essence!


(L-R) Kuwana’s Light Festival- just like Christmas lights, but on a much, much larger scale; Matsumoto Castle is a stark contrast to Himeji; snow monkeys doing what snow monkeys do best- chilling in hot springs and waiting to steal from silly tourists!

Finally, the more touristy hot spots; Fujikawaguchiko (to visit Mt. Fuji), Tokyo, and a day trip to Nikko. I’m curious to see just how hectic Tokyo is, and how it compares to Beijing and Seoul, and to visit lots of geeky places! The final stop is Sapporo, on Japan’s northern island, for snow, ice, and a very high risk of frost bite! After this journey of epic proportions, we leave back for very sunny and very warm Australia (hopefully we haven’t killed each other by then), worn out, a few kilos heavier, broke, but incredibly inspired by the world’s beautiful places! Wish us luck!


(L-R) Mt Fuji is such an iconic Japanese scene- we’ll save the cherry blossom viewing for next time; Tokyo’s Akihabara probably ranks high on every anime fan’s list of places to visit; so much talent in Sapporo’s Snow Festival!


7 thoughts on “See you soon, chicklets!

  1. I think it’s a fantastic route – Hong Kong, China, Korea (Christmas in Seoul, ugh I’m bashing my head in with envy) – watching Big Bang live in Osaka Japan (saved the best for last hey!) and just the immense fun of sharing it with close friends! Have a safe trip and remember, take lots of pictures!! (hint: of the food especially and of course, scenery)!!

    • Thanks! I am so excited about everything, especially the concert (I’m glad it happens early in our trip to Japan, otherwise I’d be anticipating it the whole time). Oh don’t worry, I’m pretty notorious for taking a lot of photos!

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