What to expect from this blog in 2016

Hi all,

I’m all ready to return to blogging! It’s been a while, but I’m excited and ready to go!

This post is just a preface to what I will be trying to achieve this year. My (hopefully weekly) reviews will continue, and I am also going to try publishing a non-review post on a different day that will literally be anything I want to blog about.

Review Posts

These will be published on Sundays, and will cover anime, manga, drama or (usually Asian) movies. I must admit that there will be a lot of drama ones coming through for the first few ones, since I’ve been watching more drama than anime lately. I’ve read about other bloggers falling into a bit of a non-anime watching slump, and I’ve been in one since the middle of last year. That’s not to say I’ve given up on anime, there’s still a lot of titles I want to watch, but it might just be a little while before there’s some more posts coming through on it. I have noticed, however, I’ve been reading a quite a bit more manga, so you should expect some posts on that 🙂

Non-Review Posts

At the moment these are tentatively scheduled for Thursdays, and will basically cover whatever I feel like posting about at the time. It will hopefully be a place for me to clear out my much-crowded drafts folder! Although I don’t know what sort of things I’ll be posting long-term, here’s what’s in store for you following my holiday;

Holiday Bragging:

There will be four posts with this format, focusing on each country visited. I’ll be giving short(ish) accounts of my adventures, and then a list of recommendations and advice for anyone who wants to visit the same place. These posts will probably be photo heavy, but hopefully interesting and entertaining!

Geek & Eat:

In these posts I will basically  recommend places to geek out and eat in each country I visited. The meal recommendations will range from less specific types of foods to specific restaurants that were outstanding. The geek recommendations will be divided into three main areas;
1. Otaku. This is basically anything that refers to anime or manga, but will also branch into other aspects of Japanese culture that I think the regular readers of this blog would find interesting.
2. Asian Pop Culture. This will basically refer to things related to Asian pop music, drama series, and celebrities.
3. History Buffs. Since I have a great love of history, I was really excited to learn a lot of things about the places I visited. This area will draw your attention to places I visited with a lot of interesting history (and mostly in English!).


So much excitement!

So that’s the plan for the coming year. It’s good to be back, and I can’t wait to write for you all!



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