Am I still just another anime fan?

Sorry guys, it’s not a review today, but rather an important announcement…

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that this blog hasn’t been solely anime-focused for a long time. As such, I feel that the name “Just Another Anime Fan” is no longer the best title for this blog. Whilst I still consider myself just another anime fan, it’s become increasingly obvious to me (and probably you) that I am pretty keen to blog about other things. It’s no longer fair to keep a misleading title on the blog, so “Just Another Anime Fan” will cease to exist.


HOWEVER, this blog will continue on as “A Fandom of Its Own“. This does not mean I will no longer blog about anime and manga. In fact, I still enjoy watching anime and reading manga and I still want to share my thoughts with the amazing anime blogging community! I still want to participate in discussions about who has the most ridiculous character styling or who would win in a fight between our favourite over-powered characters. What it does mean is that I will now blog about a lot more things that I consider myself a fan of; this includes (but is not limited to) Asian dramas, K-Pop, Harry Potter, Star Wars, fantasy series, and so on. As you can see, there is still a very large “geek” element there, simply expanded on the original content of this blog.

I really appreciate all the support that “Just Another Anime Fan” received, and I hope you continue to love and support “A Fandom of Its Own” as it grows into a more expansive and more interesting blog ❤



Welcome… to A Fandom of Its Own!


One thought on “Am I still just another anime fan?

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