Holiday Bragging: Ask me anything!

Hi everyone!

I’ve finished my posts about my amazing holiday through Asia, so I’m going to stop annoying you by continuing bringing it up 😛

But seriously, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it, and it’s inspired you to check out a few places I’ve mentioned, or I’ve helped you plan a holiday in some way. This final post is basically for you to ask me anything you want about the places I visited, how I got there, or even how I survived spending 24/7 around two of my favourite people in the world (which trust me, will do your head in no matter how much you love them). If you want to know what I thought about the air companies we used, or how we managed with the language barrier, than this is the place to ask. I hope I can help with any questions 🙂 This will remain a live post, so if you’re planning a holiday further down the track, you can always come back here (and I’ll hopefully still remember!).

And since no holiday post would be incomplete without photos, here’s some of the funny signs, sights, Engrish we saw whilst away (if you need to click on a photo to read it better, it’ll be worth it!).



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