And I’m back again!

Hi all!

I am back from my UK holiday, but unfortunately, not-so-ready to blog 😦 But never fear, because I do have at least four reviews to come (once I uh… write them), and I have some (hopefully awesome) ideas swirling around in this little head of mine that are just itching to get out!

I have decided that I won’t be writing a ‘Holiday Bragging’ series for the UK (see here if you don’t know what I am talking about), but instead I’ll be writing a post series on all the castles that I visited. Because, you can’t go to England and not visit a castle… they’re everywhere! Once that post series starts up, you’ll know that I’m back to regular posting 😀 😀

I’m also planning on a couple of other posts covering various topics, including K-Pop group Bangtan Boys (BTS), Harry Potter, and Japanese voice artists. I’ve been feeling out some of the titles on my anime watch-list, so hopefully it won’t be long until I’m back into regular anime watching and churning out more reviews!

Until then, my precious bagels ❤


big hug

My lovely readers welcoming me home


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