Castles of the UK

Oh happy days! I’m finally ready to blog again with my ‘Castles of the UK’ post series! There will also be some reviews coming out, so keep an eye out for them 🙂

Anyway, as I’ve already said many times, I visited the UK for this first time this past August. My parents and I hired a car, and took to touring the island. And tour the island we did; landing in Manchester, we were up in the Lakes District for the first two nights. Then crossing the border and into Scotland, spending two nights each in Glasgow, Perth, and Edinburgh. We watched the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which was so incredible! From Scotland, it was back into England for a night at the seaside in Bamburgh before making our base in Thirsk, Yorkshire. After a few days exploring the area namely Whitby and York, we were off again for two nights in Nottingham, one just out of Cambridge, and then finally Watford, the outskirts of London. The capital was very hectic, and it was a relief that Bristol, our next city, was a lot quieter! We used Bristol as our base for exploring Bath and getting a glimpse of Stonehenge. Well, perhaps more than a glimpse; I photographed it at every angle I could! From Bristol we crossed the border (or rather, the bridge) into Wales, arriving in Cardiff soon after for a week long rugby festival (our actual reason for going to the UK). It was a fun filled, rather boozy week, and we even broke a world record! Our last few days were spent on the English-side of the border in Shropshire, and then it was sadly time to head home. We were very busy, but it was certainly exciting!


Me, literally everywhere I went.

With all of this travelling, we squeezed in quite a few castles… fifteen, to be exact! What really amazed me was just how different each castle was; not just in terms of building structure (although there were lots of similarities), but location, history, and what they had to offer to potential visitors. Each castle had some aspect that I just loved, and so this post series will allow me to point out just what that was. It might even give a reader an idea of what they want to check out if they ever get the chance to explore the UK!

I’ll be posting “Castles of the UK” on Thursdays, starting next week. The posts may be interrupted occasionally, but will continue not long after. If you keep up with the series, you may find that each castle is not exactly what you’ll expect… but I’ll leave that for you to discover yourself 😉 Here’s what you you’ve got to look forward to;

  1. Wray Castle
  2. Stirling Castle
  3. Balhousie Castle
  4. Drummond Castle
  5. Elcho Castle
  6. Aberdour Castle
  7. Edinburgh Castle
  8. Bamburgh Castle
  9. Alnwick Castle
  10. Clifford’s Tower
  11. Nottingham Castle
  12. Warwick Castle
  13. Tower of London
  14. Cardiff Castle
  15. Abergavenny Castle



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