Castles of the UK: Drummond Castle


On the same day that we visited Balhousie Castle, we made a trip to Drummond Castle just out of Crieff. I had long been looking forward to visiting this castle. I had seen a photo of its gardens as a teenager and had fallen in love with it, so to actually be able to explore it in person was exciting!

We first approached the castle through a beech-lined road, eventually arriving at the car park. From there we walked through the tower house to buy admission tickets, and then into the courtyard. The tower house and its accompanying mansion are actually eighteen century rebuilds of fifteenth and seventeenth century designs respectively. The castle has long been considered the clan seat of the Drummond clan, and is still inhabited by the family today. However, this means that the mansion is actually closed to visitors. But that’s okay, because the reason you go to Drummond Castle is not for the buildings, but for the reconstructed 17th century terraced gardens…

Aren’t they absolutely stunning?!  The landscaping is largely French in design, but throughout the gardens are Italian sculptures, terraces, and other features. At the centre of the garden is an interesting little feature; a 17th century sundial. The central globe of the statue is covered with an array of little sundials; supposedly to tell the time all around the world!


I loved that the garden had so many different types of plants. Flowers, fruit trees, topiary, trees with all different colours of leaves, and so much more. Everything was carefully planned and positioned, turning what could have been a chaotic mess of colour and shapes into the beautiful grounds you see today.

At the far side of the garden, behind a wall with a little stone feature, you find access to the greenhouses and kitchen gardens that you can’t see from castle’s courtyard. The greenhouses themselves are an absolute explosion of colour and smells, and allows you to connect with all of the hard work that goes into maintaining the formal gardens.

I was very excited for my visit to Drummond Castle, and its beautiful gardens did not disappoint! If you ever get the chance to visit, you really must take it, because it was one of the most gorgeous places I have visited in my life. The castle often hosts events such as fairs as well, so you can really milk the grounds for all that it’s worth. I can not wait to visit again!




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