Rewatching Harry Potter: The Inspiration

I am a massive Pothead.

Or should I say Potterhead?

absolutely love Harry Potter. I’ve been reading and re-reading the books for as long as I can remember, I have watched all the movies, my friends and I played Harry Potter games as kids, I’m a member of Pottermore, and, when I went to the UK in August, I spent over £200 in the gift shop at Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter.


However, and there is always a ‘however’, although I’ve watched all the movies, my passion for them died down from the third one onward, despite my continual love of the books. I think it’s because as I got older during the making of the movies, I started to realise just how much of the books were getting cut. And not just minor things that I didn’t consider that important, such as Peeves or Neary Headless Nick’s Deathday, but other things that were much more serious. I also started to disagree with some of the casting choices, as the actors who were on screen did not match the character I saw in my head while reading. There were also other minor things that made watching the movies less enjoyable; they progressively got darker. And I mean literally; there are some scenes in the sixth movie that I had so many issues watching in the cinema. I only knew what was happening because of my knowledge of the books. The movies also got proressively quieter. I have minor hearing difficulties, and so I was mishearing or completely missiny out on some character’s lines. Not a problem, you think, just watch them again at home and with subtitles. Of course, that’s easy, but it doesn’t change my first impression of a film that I was eagerly anticipating. There’s still a lot of scenes that I like in the later films, but more and more that I disliked, leaving me feeling kind of… well, indifferent, especially to the last four or so movies.


However, my recent visit to Warner Bros. in August instilled in me a deep sense of wonder and amazement at just how much effort by how many people went into the creation of these movies. It also made me think that maybe, just maybe, I had been a little too harsh on the films the first time I watched them. Plus everything was so freaking cool. So naturally, I want to re-watch the series, from the very beginning (and with subtitles). I’m not sure if there are extended cuts of the movies, but I plan to watch as much as possible for each one (I know that there are scenes in some of them that aren’t always played). I won’t be writing a review of the movie per se, but I am planning to post my opinions about them, and specifically, if my feelings towards them have changed. I’ll be posting Sundays starting at the end of the month, alternative to regular reviews (which may not be running for a while anyway).

Will you join me as we re-enter the magical world of Harry Potter?



4 thoughts on “Rewatching Harry Potter: The Inspiration

  1. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan too!! I can’t wait till we can go to Universal Studios for Harry Potter World once we get home to California 🙂 I recently rewatched all of them, except I skipped Order of the Phoenix cause for one I’ve seen it a bunch already, and it is kind of a downer :/ Harry is so moody in that one! But I think my favorite is Goblet of Fire. So I do like the ones after 3, but maybe the last 3 movies are just hard to watch at times because there are just so many important people dying (DOBBY) and it is pretty dark. But the overall reward is worth it in the end 🙂

    • Oh yeah, Harry Potter 5 is just “Harry Potter and the Year of Angst”. Goblet of Fire is one of my favourite books, but I’m still not sure about the movies haha. I guess the movies do get thematically darker, but so do the books, and I’m okay with that. Hopefully a rewatch will change my opinions 🙂

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