Rewatching Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets


After watching The Philosopher’s Stone, it was time to check out the second movie in the series. The Chamber of Secrets is actually one of my least favourite in the book series. I’m not sure if it’s because as a young kid I had a pretty intense fear of spiders (still existing but less intense today) and wasn’t too keen on snakes, or if it was something else entirely.

However, I found myself liking the movie a lot more after re-watching it, and I really can’t figure out why I disliked it so much as a kid. It’s funny, the story is interesting, the animation holds up well after all this time, and it was a really good watch. I wonder if my opinions of the book would change if I were to re-read it?

I found a lot ‘cute’ in Chamber of Secrets while watching it again. For example, Ron’s squeaky voice is hilarious, the mandrakes are adorable, and young Malfoy is super kawaii. Dobby is also super adorable, and one of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series as a whole. I’ve always loved his mannerisms and introduction in this movie.


Although not exactly how I imagined it would look from the outside, the Burrow remains one of my favourite sets in Harry Potter. It’s our first look into regular life for wizarding families, and I think they captured the ‘wondrously mundane’ that fascinated Harry, and fascinates us as the audience. The pan washing itself, the knitting needles clicking by themselves; it’s all perfectly wonderful!

Turning now to casting choices. Bonnie Wright was never the Ginny I expected to see, but I still think she carries the part very well. Likewise, Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart is not the physical embodiment I see in my head, but has the perfect attitude and arrogance, thus making him a very good choice. I’ve always felt that Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, and Moaning Myrtle were perfectly cast.

lockhartWatching Chamber of Secrets as an adult has made me rethink parts of the plot. Firstly, the other founders of Hogwarts should have really investigated each other’s opinions about education and student selection before going into business. Perhaps then they would have seen that starting a school with Salazar Slytherin was not a good idea, since he was okay with killing students with a fucking GIANT SNAKE. Also, I can’t remember if he goes to use the same spell in the book (I have a feeling he doesn’t), but Lucius Malfoy attempting to use the killing curse on Harry over Dobby’s freedom is just a tad extreme. I guess this makes the Malfoys the drama queen of the wizarding world?

lucy-malfoyAlthough I’m still 100% not okay with the spider scene, I definitely enjoyed the Chamber of Secrets much more on this viewing than I ever have before. This gives me hopes that maybe by the end of all eight movies, I will see them in a different light!



Ahh Dobby! 


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