Three Year Anniversary!

Although I didn’t actually post until a few days later, I made the first step towards the creation of a blog three years ago today. Since then, this blog has undergone major changes, most recently in July when I decided to expand from the anime/manga base to cover more of my interests. Although the expansion has been slow, it’s something I’m looking forward to working on in the future!

I’ve had a bit of a spotty posting schedule these past few years, what with holidays, life events, and err… general laziness, but I’m relatively happy with my output… 157 posts in total! I’ve managed to gain 201 followers, which I think is very astounding. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and a big shout out to all my regular readers… I know who you are!

For my first blog anniversary, I looked at some stats, and I had been hoping to do it every anniversary since. I was in South Korea on the anniversary last year, and was having too much fun eating and relaxing to look up stats, but I’m able to do it this year!

Three most viewed posts: My reviews of Another (916), Hakuouki Hekketsuroku (166), and Hakuouki Reimeiroku (163).

Three most viewed posts (published in 2016): My reviews of Meteor Garden II (57) and Descendants of the Sun (39), and the first of my Holiday Bragging: Japan posts (31).

Most interesting search term: I got a pretty good range of search terms in the last year. Some are very, very broad such as “manga arrogant male lead” (good luck finding that manga) and “psychic girl when she touches something manga” (can’t help you there, sorry). Others are weirdly specific; “which anime movies were on tv on july 31 1999” (but why?) and “the love story of kang chi gif moving korean drama funny scenes starring iu” (there’s a lot going on in that search). Two of my favourites include “manga bitch club” (cool name for a manga review segment, anyone?) and “heavy object fanservice” (not even going to imagine that one).

Most views from this country: United States (a whopping 3034!).

Number of posts in 2016: 58

Once again, thank you everyone, and I hope I keep you entertained in 2017!



11 thoughts on “Three Year Anniversary!

  1. I’m curious about manga bitch club now… Is it a club for manga bitches? I always love the weird little search terms that bring people. A recent one I had was “ancient warriors hot wife’s fucking all spartan.”

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