Celebrating: JB, D.O., Kai, Jun.K, and Hyungwon!

Welcome to a new segment where I celebrate some of my favourite Korean celebrities, not in order of how much I love them, but in order of birthday. All ages are international ages. -S


Im Jae Bum, also known by the stage name JB, is the leader of the group GOT7. He’s known for his break dancing skills and, in my opinion at least, his very distinct voice. As the leader of GOT7, JB likes to keep a calm, collected, and mature face in public. However, it only takes a few video clips to convince you that he can be incredibly cute and charming… check him out reacting to his acting in Dream High 2 and being scared in a prank for the cute, or him fooling around in in his group’s dance practice for the charming (black cap, white shirt). Overall, I think JB is a good leader, an excellent dancer and singer, and, let’s not forget, absolutely gorgeous to look at! Happy 23rd Birthday on January 6th!


Do Kyung Soo, also known by his stage name D.O., is a member of the group EXO. D.O. has a wonderful singing voice, and it’s not surprising that he’s one of the main vocalist of his groups. He is well known for his near-perfect pronunciation when singing songs of other languages, particularly English and Spanish. However, I absolutely love D.O.’s (in)famous creepy and weird expressions; he’s definitely one of a kind! Apart from singing, D.O. also has a budding acting career, and, although I haven’t seen anything he’s been in yet (with the exception of EXO Next Door), this clip of him acting as a crazed lunatic is impressive. Overall, D.O. seems like a down-to-earth guy with certainly some interesting habits! Happy 24th birthday on January 12th!


Next we have Kai, and our second EXO member in the post! Kai, whose real name is Kim Jong In, is one of the main dancers and sub vocalists and sub rappers of the group. Kai is classically trained in ballet, and it clearly shows in his fluid and graceful dance moves. He’s certainly a joy to watch! Off-stage, Kai is one of the more quite members of the groups, except when he laughs, and is actually pretty ‘adorkable‘. Definitely two sides to this talented idol! Happy 23rd birthday on January 14th!


Kim Min Jun, better known by his stage name Jun.K, is a member of the group 2PM, and from the same label as JB above. He’s been heavily involved in producing and writing songs for the group, and is responsible for such songs as ‘My House‘ and ‘Go Crazy!‘. Just like JB above, I think that Jun.K has a distinct voice, and I absolutely adore it! He also has a successful solo career with a unique style. When not performing, Jun.K is a bit of a dork, and his fans often refer to him as the “grandpa” of the group. However, I think he’s certainly lovable! Happy 29th birthday on January 15th!


Our final star shares the same birthday as Jun.K, and is none other than the tall, slim member of the group Monsta X; Hyungwon. After admiring his perfect proportions and handsome face, it won’t surprise you to know that Hyungwon was once a model. I feel like this still affects his dance sometimes! Joking aside, Hyungwon is actually a great dancer (white cap), although I’m a big fan of his comedic “praying mantis” dance. Hyungwon seems to be a pretty chill guy, and always on the sleepy side, but hey, who can blame him? Happy 23rd birthday on January 15th!


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