Celebrating: Youngjae, Junho, and I.M!

Welcome to a new segment where I celebrate some of my favourite Korean celebrities, not in order of how much I love them, but in order of birthday. All ages are international ages. -S


Youngjae is one of the main vocalists in the group B.A.P. I actually got to see B.A.P perform live last May when they toured in Melbourne, and these guys are absolutely amazing on stage! Although he may not have as strong a voice as other singers, Youngjae’s  vocals have a sweet quality when singing in a higher register, and a rough quality in the lower, which adds a lot of character to his group’s songs. Youngjae is also a lot of fun, and seems to keep his members entertained in a variety of ways. He is also voted the smartest member in the group, although he’s also (jokingly) labelled a traitor, largely due to this music video (heads up- it’s one of my favourite songs!). One of the happiest idols in K-Pop, there’s a lot to celebrate about Yoo Young Jae. Happy 23rd birthday on January 24th!


Our next idol to celebrate is none other than 2PM’s Junho. When I first started getting into 2PM, I believed that Junho was a little bit too cool, with perhaps a dash of being both standoffish and a diva. However, I was so wrong! Junho is actually a really chill guy, and loves having fun, even if he sometimes makes a fool of himself. Junho is sometimes referred to as ‘Little Rain’ due to his physical similarities to the idol Rain, although, it should be noted, that he can match him in singing and dancing. Junho has also started to recently branch into acting and more solo work. I’m yet to really check out either, but I’ve had my eye on his movie ‘Twenty‘ for a while. I have high expectations, though, because he has a degree in acting after all! Happy 27th birthday on January 25th!



Lim Chang Kyun, better known by his stage name I.M, is the deep-voiced rapper of the group Monsta X. I.M fits in very well with the other two idols in this post, because he’s always having a good laugh. However he has something that the others lack… extreme dorkiness. He definitely doesn’t take himself seriously, and is happy to fool around just to make others around him happy. I think I.M has one of the quirkiest, unique personalities in K-Pop and I certainly look forward to seeing more of him as Monsta X get more popular! Happy 21st birthday on January 26th!


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