Bangtan Boys HYYH Series: Epilogue (Young Forever)

And finally, the last instalment in the HYYH series, the introduction to the final album in the trilogy. Will we finally know what is going in?!

We obviously have a lot of clips in this MV that are taken directly from I Need U, the Prologue, and Run, but there are other ways in which the previous MVs are referenced; the lighter in Suga’s hand, the pill bottle at J-Hope’s feet, and even Jimin’s wet hair. There’s also several photos that seem to be taken at the time of previous MVs, and a strong focus on the feeling of friendship within the group. However, the group obviously spends the majority of their time in a large, wire fence maze. All of the members are in the maze, and as the MV progresses, they run around, seemingly looking for a way out. We see the lyrics “dreams, hopes, forward, forward” emphasised on a TV. Finally, it seems that V is the final member to leave the maze, and the group walk away on a runway together. A plane flies overhead and the MV fades out to black, this time with no extra scene at the end.

Overall, I think this MV has the feeling of finality and ending. Whatever it is we’ve been dealing with over the past couple of MVs has finally come to an end. Once out of the maze, everyone is calm, out of the turmoil they’ve been experiencing. Have our members finally found peace?


1. Only Suga and Jungkook died in I Need U: No Evidence
2. Jin and V survive I Need U; merged with Theory #5 (Jin is the only member alive)
2B Prologue Occurs After I Need U: Strong Evidence
Timeline: Other members die in various ways and V kills a man -> V and Jin go away together (retracing the group trip shown in the Prologue) -> V jumps, committing suicide -> Jin imagines all of the group still alive OR the souls of the departed friends remain. Although we don’t get a clear cut ending to this theory in this MV, I still think that, along with previous evidence presented, this theory is still supported well. Exiting the ‘maze’ is symbolic of Jin finding a way out of his madness (of pretending his friends still exist). We still see Jin with the group at the end, because his friends will always be with him, but the toxic, chaotic head space that he was in previously has disappeared. Instead, Jin has come to terms with his friends’ deaths and is ready to live his life onward and upward.
3. No one died in I Need U
3B Prologue Occurs After I Need U: Weak Evidence
This theory hasn’t got much support from previous MVs, particularly the Japanese ones which involve a lot more symbolism than the Korean ones. However, throughout the current MVs, the members seem to be reflecting on their earlier days, regretting their actions and reminiscing the times spent together as a group. Are we perhaps looking at a group of friends who have faced various personal problems, but have now matured and are moving ‘forward’? This conclusion certainly fits well with the MV, but it’s questionable with the previous evidence.  
4. Jin died before anyone else: Medium Evidence
Regardless of the time-line in terms of I Need U and the Prologue, we have Jin in the MVs not realising that he’s dead, and trying desperately to remain with his friends. However, he’s starting to realise that he’s no longer alive. I feel like this theory would have the most support if there was a heavier focus on Jin in this MV, and perhaps him finally fading away from the group as he moves on in death. We’ve had pretty strong support for this theory previously, so it’s hard to write it off straight away, and the feeling of finality and being at peace would represent both Jin, and the group as a whole moving on, but I find evidence lacking in this MV.

Finally at the end of all of the MVs, I’m down to my final three theories. Next week I’ll be doing a final comparison and drawing my conclusions. What about you? Are we on the same page (at all), or have yours taken a completely different turn? Let me know in the comments below 🙂





8 thoughts on “Bangtan Boys HYYH Series: Epilogue (Young Forever)

          • Thankss 🙂 Oooh those are awesome as well love those songs. Same they are just amazings 🙂 I was planning on buying a shirt but I can’t decide who’s name to get on it because I love them all.

            • Hahaha I know the feeling! I tend not to have favourites in the groups I follow because everyone is so loveable!

              I was thinking of getting the Jungkook hoodie for my friend, though, since she’s a little in love with him 😛

              • Lol. I’m trying not to because I love them all but I do end up liking one more then the others. That sounds like an awesome idea! I’m sure she’ll love it.

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