Seiyuu Spotlight: MIKI Shinichiro

It’s been a looooooooong since my first Seiyuu Spotlight post. This was originally going to be a series of posts that I wanted to keep up semi-regularly, but, as they involved a lot of research, got constantly put on the back-burner. Although I’m not watching as much anime as I used to, I still want to have a look at the people behind some of my favourite voices, and Miki Shinichiro was next on my list!


I know Miki for voicing two awesome characters from two completely different series. Interestingly, both of these characters are strong, sophisticated, attractive males, with a head for leadership, who exude calmness and coolness. Miki’s smooth voice gives both of these characters extra charm, leaving poor individuals like myself left to fan-girl/boy over them! I am of course talking about Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Toshizuo Hijikata from the Hakuouki series.


(L-R) Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) and Toshizuo HIjikiata (Hakuouki series)

However, these aren’t Miki’s only roles, as he boasts a very long career, first recording voices in 1995. Ten years ago, he had over 230 voice credits to his name… I wonder what the number is today! Miki doesn’t just lend his voice to anime, he is also prevalent in video games and dubbing (notably as Magneto in the X-Men series). Of the anime he’s done, I noticed that Miki voices main characters in a lot of long series. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with a lot of them, but they include roles such as Takumi Fujiwara from Initial D and Tieria Erde in Mobile Suite Gundam 00. He is stars as significant side characters in series I’ve at least heard of, but never checked out, such as Crim in .hack// and Hitomi in Code:Breaker.


TOP (L-R): Takumi Fujiwara (Inital D) and Tieria Erde (Mobile Suite Gundam 00) BOTTOM (L-R): Crim (.hack//) and Hitomi (Code:Breaker).

Miki sure seems to voice a lot of younger characters, which is pretty funny since he’s knocking on the door of the big five-oh, being born on the 18th of March in 1968. What can we say, though, he can teach those young ones a thing or two! In fact, Miki often plays flirty, confident “ladies man” characters, such as Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic, Aikurou Mikisugi from Kill La Kill, and Kudou Youji from Weiss Kreuz. This last role is particularly interesting, because Miki formed a band called Weiss with the other three male voice actors from the anime. I’m sure it was a fairly unexpected turn of events for everyone involved!


(L-R) Kudou Youji (Weiss Kreuz), Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic), and Aikurou Mikisugi (Kill la Kill)

Of course, Miki wouldn’t get far in the seiyuu industry without showing the ability to play varied roles. A lot of the characters he plays tend to be either calm or more jovial, but they are all fairly intelligent, and, a good deal of them sarcastic. I’ve already mentioned Roy Mustang, of course, but Kisuke Urahara from Bleach and Assassin from Fate/Stay Night are too other characters that fit this bill!


(L-R) Kisuke Urahara (Bleach) and Assassin (Fate/Stay Night)

So far I haven’t revealed one of Miki’s biggest roles, but the time is nigh as we move into characters with a more sadistic or villainous streak. Of course one could argue that this character in particular isn’t as bad as he tries to be, but we can safely say that Team Rocket’s James isn’t always on the same side as our protagonist. Yes, our seiyuu providing voices for the sophisticated and, dare I say, sexy characters above also voices this rather incompetent character! Other villainous roles include Mizuki Touji from Naruto and Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super.


(L-R) James (Pokemon), Mizuki Touji (Naruto), and Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super)

There is certainly more to Miki Shinichiro than what meets the eye, or rather, the ear. He can handle a lot more than just his sophisticated and calm characters, and there’s even room for a band in his life! I wish Miki Shinichiro great success in his future endeavours, so that we can rely on his voice being around for a long time yet. Thank you for all of your hard work so far!




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