Seiyuu Spotlight: SHIRATORI Tetsu


I’ve already looked at one seiyuu who is known for his distinct voice (see here), and for this post I decided to focus on another one; Shiratori Tetsu. No doubt if you recognise any of the character names listed below, you will immediately think of Shiratori’s nasally, often whiny voice.

Unfortunately I can’t find too much on Shiratori, unlike other seiyuu I’ve covered so far. He was born in Tokyo on March 21st, 1972, and started his voice acting career in 1998. Since then he’s done about 20 roles, although the profile on his website also states that he’s worked as an actor, director, and producer.

Shiratori hasn’t yet been cast in any major roles. He has voiced the main character in a couple of small series, none of which I’ve heard of, and hasn’t made an appearance in the Big 3, or really any other well-known anime… except for the few I’m about to mention.


(L-R) Lloyd Asplun (Code Geass series); Zancrow (Fairy Tail); Kain Fuery (FMA);Gluttony (FMAB)

I know Shiratori from his very distinct voice in the following roles; Lloyd Asplund from Code Geass, Zancrow from Fairy Tail, Kain Fuery from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I think this makes him one of the few seiyuu to appear in both versions of FMA, although I find it pretty interesting that he doesn’t reprise the same role. What these couple of roles have taught me is that Shiratori must be pretty talented, as the characters are quite different! Lloyd, although very intelligent, is childish, whiny, and cowardly. Zancrow is short-tempered and viciously sadistic. He is also very cocky and likes to mock his opponents. Kain, although a small role, is shown to be very intelligent, but far more capable than Lloyd. He is also brave and level-headed. Finally, we have Gluttony, who I’m still convinced only really posses a shell of a personality. He’s docile and simple, largely driven by his hunger for humans or the commands of Lust. He is childlike with only a very basic level of intelligence.

The fact that Shiratori can voice such starkly different characters very well suggests to me that he is underappreciated and underutilised in the seiyuu world. Even if he doesn’t catch a break as a main character in a major production, I still hope Shiratori thrives in voice acting. I will constantly be on a look out (listen out?) for his nasal tones!





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