30 Day Song Challenge: Begin!

Or rather, begins tomorrow!

It’s been a long time since my last 30 Day Challenge, and I spent a while tossing up which one in my drafts folder I should tackle next. But then, the answer was obvious. Just like the majority of people, I absolutely love music. I love the way it makes people feel, I like the way it can change your mood, and I like the way people make music that reflects themselves and their lives.

And so, the 30 Day Song Challenge was the best choice! I’m interested to see what I end up choosing on some of the days, and I hope you are too! It would be fantastic if you joined me on the challenge, or even just let me know your own choices in the comments below. Let’s have fun together sharing some good music 😉

Day 1: A song that makes you happy
Day 2: A song that helps you clear your head
Day 3: A song that makes you laugh
Day 4: A song that reminds you of something sad
Day 5: A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it
Day 6: A song you can always relate to
Day 7: A song that is your guilty pleasure
Day 8: A song you liked when when you were younger
Day 9: A song that makes you want to dance
Day 10: A song that makes you cry
Day 11: A song that reminds you of summer
Day 12: A song that reminds you of your best friend
Day 13: A song you sing to in the shower
Day 14: A song you like hearing live
Day 15: A song people wouldn’t expect you to like
Day 16: A song that holds a lot of meaning to you 
Day 17: A song that annoys you
Day 18: A song you have as your ringtone/want to be your ringtone
Day 19: A song you’re currently obsessed with
Day 20: A song from a new album whose release you are waiting for
Day 21: A song you want to dance to at your wedding
Day 22: A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life
Day 23: A song that makes you angry
Day 24: A cover song
Day 25: An acoustic song you love
Day 26: A song by your favourite band
Day 27: A song you make fun of
Day 28: A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend
Day 29: A song currently stuck in your head
Day 30: A song that you haven’t listened to in awhile



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