Castles of the UK: Wrap Up

With my post on Abergavenny Castle last week, I’ve finished talking about all fifteen castles I visited in the UK!

I learnt a lot about castles whilst travelling, and loved experiencing every single one of them. Of course, considering there’s an estimated 600-700 castles in the UK that still stand, fifteen doesn’t even mar the surface of what there is to visit, but I was still incredibly impressed by just how different each castle was… but also how similar!

Over my month in the UK I visited castles that retained the glory of old (Stirling, Cardiff), and castles that didn’t (Clifford’s Tower, Abergavenny). Castles that still serve as a military fortress to this day (Edinburgh), and castles that serve a function far removed from their original purpose (Balhousie, Nottingham). Castles that were family homes (Wray, Elcho, Aberdour), and some that still are (Drummond, Alnwick). Castles steeped in local history (Bamburgh) and castles that placed essential roles in the history of a nation (Warwick, Tower of London). I loved each and every one.

On thing is for sure, visiting the castles of the UK is a journey through the chapters of history and architecture; through the brightest and darkest times of British history. It is a journey, I’m sure you’ve come to realise, I encourage everyone to undertake!



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