Day 2: A song that helps you clear your head

Sometimes you just need to sit down and blast something through your earphones or speakers to clear your head. Sometimes you’re thinking too much, sometimes you’re getting stressed out by something, and sometimes everything just feels like too much. But after listening to some music you suddenly feel mentally lighter, brighter, and ready for action. Thank goodness for music!

Because of my relatively noisy home environment, the songs I use to clear my head tend to be loud and heavy. One song that I tend to always select on my iPod is Egypt’s Central ‘White Rabbit’.

I do adore heavier rock-based genres such as Egypt’s Central alternative metal, but I’m not a big fan of artists who scream during the song. This song has just enough screaming, I feel, to set the desperation of the song, but we’re treated to nice vocals for the rest of the song. Plus I love so much about the music video!

What song do you find is good at clearing your head?




One thought on “Day 2: A song that helps you clear your head

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