Celebrating: J-Hope

Welcome to a new segment where I celebrate some of my favourite Korean celebrities, not in order of how much I love them, but in order of birthday. All ages are international ages. -S



I only have one idol featuring in this fortnight’s post, and it’s none other than BTS’ J-Hope, real name Jung Ho Seok. I’m actually glad that he gets this entire post to himself, because I think he is the most under-appreciated member of the group, so I can dedicate more time to him here! J-Hope is the main dancer and a rapper in the group. There’s no surprise as to why he’s the main dancer; he moves with a lot of fluidity and ejects a lot of emotion into his performances. In fact, he used to be an underground dancer, and competed in dance battles frequently. However, he’s also known for his girl group dances, which shows he likes to have a lot of fun! In terms of rapping, I really love the way J-Hope plays with melody and rhythm as he raps. I also like his tougher sounding rapping voice. However, he can also sing, and has started to sing more and more in BTS’s songs. He showcases all of his talents in his recent solo song ‘Mama‘. Incredible musical skills aside, J-Hope is known for his bright, cheerful, and fun personality, which has earned him the reputation a being the group’s “Sunshine” and “Hope”. He loves making his members laugh, even if it means making a fool of himself. J-Hope is also known for being a bit of a scared-y cat, and his loud screams are often another source of laughter for his friends. J-Hope is also very kind and sensitive, and probably cries the most often out the group. Really, it’s such a shame that he’s so underappreciated, because he has so much to offer! Happy 23rd birthday on February 18th!


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