Day 8: A song you liked when you were younger

Originally I was only going to post one song for today. But then I thought, if we go back to the songs I liked when I was quite a bit younger, we’d be going back to the late nineties and early noughties. And you can’t go back to this era properly with only one song.

The first song, of course, is the classic ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua. That insane song that took over my childhood. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew the lyrics to this song. The Aquarium album was probably the most played album of my childhood.

As I matured, my taste in music changed. Early Tweenhood first saw me getting into, er… darker songs (?). This was best represented by Australian duo Savage Garden and there classic ‘To the Moon and Back’. I’m not ashamed to say I still listen to this song regularly. Perhaps more nostalgia than anything.

Then of course, I swam back to the happy pool of pop music. Ah, Britney Spears. I remembered I used to hate her, then love her, then hate her again. This depended, of course, on what all my friends felt. But I’m sure at one time we were all singing along to ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’.

Oh gosh. The memories. I hope I’ve bought some of you back to your youth. If not, what song(s) did you like when you were younger?




One thought on “Day 8: A song you liked when you were younger

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