Day 14: A song you like hearing live

I actually haven’t been to that many concerts. I can count them all on one hand. Well, apart from concert band or orchestra concerts, I’ve been to heaps of them. However, the biggest concert I’ve probably been to was Big Bang’s MADE Tour in Osaka. There were so many people, and the crowd was so very energetic! One of the songs that really got the crowd going was ‘Bae Bae’. Throughout the song, the five members of the group added in their own background shouts, beatboxing, and calls. However, rather than the resulting song sounding messy, it was just so much fun! I obviously can’t show you my experience at the concert, but here’s the official video from the same tour in Seoul.

I now can’t listen to the song without putting in G-Dragon’s mating call (screech?) at the beginning and the end of the song!



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