Celebrating: Wonho and Suga

Welcome to a new segment where I celebrate some of my favourite Korean celebrities, not in order of how much I love them, but in order of birthday. All ages are international ages. -S



Monsta X’s Shin Ho Seok, better known by his stage name Wonho, is our first celebrity for today’s post. Wonho is one of the vocalists of his group, and is perhaps most well known for his toned body. He is a bit of a show-pony about it, but can you really blame him? It took me a while to warm up to Wonho’s voice, and I probably didn’t really start to appreciate it until the group released ‘Fighter‘. Wonho appears to be a pretty happy guy, and I always notice that he’s the first to laugh at anything funny that happens. Which is pretty often with this group. As one of the oldest in his group, Wonho is very caring towards his other members, and I was surprised at how upset he got during the filming of No Mercy, the survival show that created the group. It must have been really upsetting having to say goodbye to all your friends! Wonho is also known for his derp faces, his love of ramen, and his fear of heights. The last one is something I can certainly relate to! Happy 24th birthday on March 1st!



Our other celebrity today is one of the rappers of BTS, Suga. Suga’s real name is Min Yoon Gi, but he’s also known by the stage name Augst D when he promotes as a solo artist. I am a really big fan of Suga’s rapping. He has a very dry, sarcastic tone when rapping, and he’s very clever at playing with words and rhythm. His rap from the group’s third cypher is one of my favourites. Suga seems to be pretty down-to-earth, and perhaps a touch sarcastic outside of rapping. He often claims that he is unmotivated and lethargic, even saying he wanted to be reborn as a rock so he doesn’t have to move! However, it’s clear to me that Suga has a lot of fun, likes joking around with his members, and particularly likes to make them laugh. For someone who claims to be unmotivated, he’s clearly achieved a lot, with his work with the group, his solo career I’ve already mentioned, and he even plays an active role in writing group songs, including ‘Let Me Know‘, one of my personal favourites. I hope Suga continues to achieve much in his musical career! Happy 24th birthday on March 3rd!



Day 17: A song that annoys you

I feel like I don’t really need to explain this one. Nicki Minaj’s ‘Stupid Hoe’ annoys me on so many levels. If you’ve never heard it before, prepare yourself.