Rewatching Harry Potter: Wrap Up and Has My Opinion Changed?

Finally, we’re through. All eight Harry Potter movies have been re-watched. As you probably remember, I rewatched the series after a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London prompted me to think my original opinions were too harsh. Although I’ve given my thoughts on each individual movie, I thought I’d wrap up the series by talking about it as a whole.

I was genuinely surprised at just how much I enjoyed the movies when watching them again. I honestly never liked the later movies, but this time I was entertained during each one. There are plenty of funny and emotional scenes throughout the whole series, and I found myself laughing in every movie.

I was also amazed that after all of this time, I still found it very, very easy to be sucked into the magical world of Harry Potter. I think this has everything to do with all of the effort that went into creating the movie series. I really do appreciate every little detail, and I think that this attention and care from the creators means that the series will last the test of time.

I still think that there are some serious plot problems in the later movies, and they start in Goblet of Fire. It’s here that we miss the explanation of Harry and Voldemort’s wand connection, and this lack of information starts a snowball of plot problems later on. I still think that Half-Blood Prince is the weakest in terms of the overall plot, and leaving out vital background information in this movie results in the two Deathly Hallows movie lacking a certain level of depth and meaning. I also wish quite a few scenes were done differently, the most significant being the final duel between Voldemort and Harry.

In conclusion, I’m really glad I rewatched these movies, as it gave me a greater appreciation for them after all of these years. They all have their moments where they are very enjoyable. However, at the same time, I will always wish for certain things to be different, and will continue to wonder how much more the movies could have been. I guess all I can say in the end is that the books are always better than the movies.