An Update on My Life

Why, hello there internet. It’s been a while since I announced my temporary hiatus from blogging as I went to work, explore, and live in China. Since I’ve been back in Australia for a couple of weeks, I guess I should update you all!

Firstly, and rather wonderfully, I absolutely loved every second of my time in Jinan. The people were so friendly and kind; I felt welcome the day I arrived. The work was fun and interesting, and I found it fascinating to see firsthand the differences between Chinese and Australian schools. The students were all adorable and enthusiastic, no matter if they were three years old, or thirteen years old. All in all, I really liked the team I was working with, I really liked the city I was living in, and I absolutely loved the work I was doing… which brings me to my next point.

Since I loved everything about the experience so much, I decided to sign onto a year’s contract! But what does that exactly mean for this blog? I know I haven’t touched it for the past five months or so, but, despite all the adventures I’ve had (and my general busy-ness!), I have missed blogging. In my first apartment, my internet was very slow, so I avoided WordPress altogether, just because I knew that between the website and my VPN, I wouldn’t get very far with blogging. However, the internet in my second apartment is a lot better. So…

This means that I will hopefully be able to do some blogging while I’m away, but it’s likely to be very sporadic. I know I will get very busy during the school term, so I can’t make any promises, but I will try to churn out some posts.

I’ll leave you all with my best well wishes, and a couple of photos I’ve taken of the beautiful city of Jinan.



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