Crazed Ramblings

Here you can find links to the various non-review ramblings that I post. They can cover anything, so I’ve arranged it alphabetically for you to find anything that looks interesting 🙂

If there’s any post that you particularly like the content or style of it, let me know in the comments 😀

One-Off Posts

A Shout Out to Flamboyant Male Characters

A Pick-Me-Up For Any Occasion

Becoming a K-Pop Fan: EXO, 2PM and, the Realities of South Korea’s Music Industry

Fairy Tail Hunger Games: Who would win?!

Finding Harry Potter in the UK (1) (2)

My Aunt’s Amazing Sewing Skills

My favourite compilation AMVs: Part one

My favourite compilation AMVs: Part two

My five favourite Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood AMVS

(Not-quite) Five AMVs that are just for fun!

Post Series

Bangtan Boys HYYH Analysis (Intro, I Need U, Prologue, Run, I Need U (Jap), Run (Jap), Epilogue, Conclusion)

Castles of the UK

Celebrating: Where I celebrate some of my favourite Korean celebrities!

Geek & Eat (Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and Japan)

Holiday Bragging (Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan 1 2 3, and Q&A)

Re-Watching Harry Potter (Intro, HP1, HP2, HP3, HP4, HP5, HP6, HP7, HP8)

Seiyuu Spotlight: A look beyond just the voice of voice artists

30 Day Anime Challenge

30 Day Song Challenge

Blogging-Related Posts and Awards

Christmas Tag (2014)

Liebster Award (2014)

Liebster Award (2015)

One Year of Blogging


Real Neat Blog Award

The Creative Blogger Award

Three Day Quotes Challenge

Three Year Anniversary!

What to expect from this blog in 2016


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