Seiyuu Spotlight: SHIRATORI Tetsu


I’ve already looked at one seiyuu who is known for his distinct voice (see here), and for this post I decided to focus on another one; Shiratori Tetsu. No doubt if you recognise any of the character names listed below, you will immediately think of Shiratori’s nasally, often whiny voice.

Unfortunately I can’t find too much on Shiratori, unlike other seiyuu I’ve covered so far. He was born in Tokyo on March 21st, 1972, and started his voice acting career in 1998. Since then he’s done about 20 roles, although the profile on his website also states that he’s worked as an actor, director, and producer.

Shiratori hasn’t yet been cast in any major roles. He has voiced the main character in a couple of small series, none of which I’ve heard of, and hasn’t made an appearance in the Big 3, or really any other well-known anime… except for the few I’m about to mention.


(L-R) Lloyd Asplun (Code Geass series); Zancrow (Fairy Tail); Kain Fuery (FMA);Gluttony (FMAB)

I know Shiratori from his very distinct voice in the following roles; Lloyd Asplund from Code Geass, Zancrow from Fairy Tail, Kain Fuery from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I think this makes him one of the few seiyuu to appear in both versions of FMA, although I find it pretty interesting that he doesn’t reprise the same role. What these couple of roles have taught me is that Shiratori must be pretty talented, as the characters are quite different! Lloyd, although very intelligent, is childish, whiny, and cowardly. Zancrow is short-tempered and viciously sadistic. He is also very cocky and likes to mock his opponents. Kain, although a small role, is shown to be very intelligent, but far more capable than Lloyd. He is also brave and level-headed. Finally, we have Gluttony, who I’m still convinced only really posses a shell of a personality. He’s docile and simple, largely driven by his hunger for humans or the commands of Lust. He is childlike with only a very basic level of intelligence.

The fact that Shiratori can voice such starkly different characters very well suggests to me that he is underappreciated and underutilised in the seiyuu world. Even if he doesn’t catch a break as a main character in a major production, I still hope Shiratori thrives in voice acting. I will constantly be on a look out (listen out?) for his nasal tones!





Seiyuu Spotlight: Kakihara Tetsuya

With arguably one of the most distinctive voices in the anime business, Kakihara Tetsuya is one seiyuu who is easily identifiable in any role. I decided to check out a little bit more about the man who voices one of my favourite Fairy Tail characters, but who’s popped up in several other well-known anime as well.

Kakihara Tetsuya

Kakihara’s first major role was voicing the main character Simon in the Gurren Lagann series. However, he is more recently well-known for voicing Fairy Tail’s Natsu Dragneel. Whilst Simon shows considerably more emotional development than Natsu does (or has so far), the two characters care about their friends to the degree that they would both place themselves in danger for their sake. Furthermore, they’re both prodigies when it comes to fighting and combat, albeit with very different styles in each anime. Whilst I’ve never seen Gurren Lagann, so I can’t comment on Kakihara’s voicing of Simon, I do know that his voice is perfect for Natsu’s mischievous, carefree, reckless character.

Simon and Natsu

L: Simon (Gurren Lagann) R: Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Born on Christmas Eve, 1982, in Dusseldorf, West Germany, Kakihara Tetsuya actually moved to Japan at the age of 18. His dream was to become a seiyuu, and he’s done so exceptionally. You may also recognise him from some of his other notable roles, including Shin (Amnesia) (both the anime and game), Shino Inuzuka (Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East), and Dragon Ryuho (Saint Seiya Omega).

(L-R) RIn (Amnesia)

(L-R) Shin (Amnesia), Shino Inuzuka (Hakkenden), Dragon Ryuho (Saint Seiya Omega)

I also easily recognise Kakihara voicing loud-mouthed characters such as the Earth Demon King Amaimon in Blue Exorcist.  Other characters in a similar vein include Dog Days’ Gaul Galette des Rois, Yowamushi Pedal’s Toudou Jinpachi, and Log Horizon’s Rundelhaus Code. He also shows the ability to voice more sophisticated characters, such as Adolf K. Weismann in K, Kain Fuery in FMAB,  Sasuke Sarutobi in Brave 10, and Kou Sennoza in [C] . This is not a surprise given Kakihara’s real-life intelligence and sophistication. Kakihara attended the very prestigious Gakushuin University in Tokyo. This university was originally designed for, and attended by, members of Japanese upper nobility, particularly royalty. Most of the Imperial family have attending the university, including the current Emperor Akihito. Other alumni include Miyazaki Hayao and even a Chinese princess! Kakihara is also known for being fluent in several languages; apart from German and Japanese, he can speak English, Spanish, and Latin!

(Top, L-R)

(Top, L-R) Amaimon (Blue Exorcist), Gaul Galette des Rois (Dog Days), Toudou Jinpachi (Yowamushi Pedal), and Rundelhaus Code (Log Horizon). (Bottom, L-R) Adolf K. Weismann (K), Kain Fuery (FMAB), Sasuke Sarutobi (Brave 10) and Kou Sennoza ([C]).

Switching up his style again, Kakihara also voices several cold-blooded, psychologically twisted characters such as Jin Kisaragi in BlazBlue (games and anime) , Sakutaro Morishige in Corpse Party (games and anime), Kouha Ren in Magi, and Mercutio Marchege in Romeo x Juliet. That’s a lot of diversity!


(L-R) Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue), Sakutaro Morishige (Corpse Party), Kouha Ren (Magi), and Mercutio Marchege (Romeo x Juliet).

If you haven’t recognised Kakihara Tetsuya from any of these anime, you may know him from his extensive video game, visual novel, or BL CDs career, as well as a whole host of minor character roles in other anime. Kakihara is also a solo singer, having released a couple of mini-albums. His songs features quite heavily in anime soundtracks; notably, his first single “String of Pain”, which was the ending song for Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East.

For a German-born Japanese boy who dreamed of becoming a seiyuu, I think it’s safe to say Kakihara Tetsuya has achieved above and beyond what he ever expected. A talented voice actor starring in a broad array of media and lending his voice to characters that differ in so many ways, Kakihara is one of my favourite seiyuu, and a voice I always look out for every anime I watch. I can only hope his career continues to prosper. Thank you for your hard work!


(Not-quite) Five AMVS that are just for fun!

You can get some really serious anime music videos (AMVs) that are wrought with emotion, invoking memories of the characters’ struggles and despairs, and, hopefully, eventual victory. And then you have AMVs that are the complete opposite; they’re silly, funny, and aren’t meant to be taken seriously… just like the AMVs in this post! What a coincidence! These AMVs make me laugh, and are a cool little tribute to the anime they depict, without getting into the angst and remaining light and fun!

My Anacadona Don’t (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

We need a moment of silence over here… this AMV has been blocked/deleted. It did depict the wonderfully cringe-worthy Nicki Minaj song with equally wonderfully cringe-worthy fan-service clips of everybody’s favourite all-male swim team to create a surprisingly watchable AMV (trust me, it wasn’t as tacky as it sounds). Unfortunately, it’s another clip lost to copy-right laws. Instead, here’s a link to another Fairy Tail clip that I wanted to include in this post, but left out because there’s already one here. This AMV is fittingly appropriate for the series, although I must put a language warning beforehand if that’s not your kind of thing.

She’s Killing Me (Anime Mix)

Although I’ve only seen one of these anime, I really like how the clips have been put together in this little tribute to tsundere characters and the like. The song by A Rocket to the Moon is appropriately equal parts sweet and funny, suiting the various clips in here really well. The AMV is neat and tidily put together- love it!

Hello Kitty (Fairy Tail)

One of my favourite, fun anime deserves to be on this list, and I really like this AMV using Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty”. This AMV uses a lot of fun clips from the series, and I really like the cute chibi art that is flashed across the screen as well. The song is fitting, although I’m surprised that the maker keeps away from the Edolas arc (probably to avoid spoilers concerning the Exceeds). There’s also a few clips used from OVA episodes as well, which is a nice touch.

Gives You Hell (FMAB)

Is this a thing? Do people ship Olivier and Mustang? If so, they’re totally wrong, because we all know it’s Royai all the way. Regardless, I like this short AMV for depicting the love/hate relationship between these two Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood characters (or is it a hate/hate relationship?). The song by The All-American Rejects suits the mood as well, and the different clips from the series have been cleverly put together.

Ayame (Fruits Basket)

Finally, I couldn’t resist this cute little tribute to one of my favourite Fruits Basket characters! “I’m strange, and I like it”  is the perfect catch-phrase for this crazy, one-of-a-kind character. The clips truly capture Ayame’s flamboyant, overly confident, and over-the-top nature, and with Skye Sweetnam’s fun “Just the Way I Am” blaring, it is all kinds of perfect.

Are there any AMVs that you like to watch because they capture the fun of an anime you enjoy? It’d be awesome if you shared them below 🙂


My favourite compilation AMVs: Part two

Here are the last three of my favourite compilation AMVs! I still can’t get over how awesome these are… enjoy!

NOTE. As before, there may be spoilers in these AMVs. Also, some of these AMVs may induce motion sickness or epileptic seizures. Watch at your own risk.

Vivifx’s “Ship Happens”

Is there another name for AMVs that include customised music? If you know, please let me know in the comments! This AMV has its own music created by the maker and it is that kind of annoyingly catchy song that you know you’ll have in your head for the rest of the day. I love how this AMV focuses on that massive aspect of the anime culture… shipping! Although I don’t ship any of these characters, I still think it’s a fun AMV (and second one from Vivifx to feature!).
For the uninformed: Here is some terminology to help you along in this AMV; shipping = the act of romantically pairing two characters together (from relationship)- note that a particular pairing is referred to as a “ship”; OTP = one true pairing- the couple that are the ideal/best ship; cannon = the actual storyline (i.e. a ship that is cannon is one that occurs in the storyline); crack ship = a ship that is so impossible/unlikely that you must be on crack to ship it (usually refers to shipping between characters from different anime/universes).

Chinnapat Ponharash’s “Not Alone”

First up- this AMV is only four minutes long, not eight. The video repeats itself without the sound in the second half (probably to avoid copyright infringement on the song). Secondly, it’s FREAKING AMAZING. The scenes in this AMV flow so well. There’s such a big build up at the start and you know it’s going to be awesome. I love the range of anime in it and it evokes so many different emotions including excitement, sadness, and hope… even though I’ve only seen some of these series! That’s a testimony to how well it’s been put together.

Suction’s “Ai no Kakera ~Fragments of Love~”

This mixed-media AMV is one MONSTER of a video. I love how it features such a large number and variety of anime, as well as a visual novel and game thrown in. The build up and explosion of action in the AMV is awesome, as is the fade-out towards the end. Sure, it looses pace slightly in a couple of sections, but considering the video is twelve minutes long (!) I think that it’s remarkable that it can hold my attention for so long. The music also as a number of different cool melodies going on in it. Overall, it’s a pretty awesome experience.

Well those are my favourite compilation AMVs, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Do you have your own favourite compilation AMVs, or perhaps one you’ve made yourself? I’d love to read about it in the comments 🙂


My favourite compilation AMVs: Part one

I decided to do another post about AMVs (anime music videos), and this time it’s not Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Well, not just FMAB, because it does feature it some videos. Instead, I thought I’d focus on compilation AMVs. That is, AMVs which feature multiple anime (and sometimes multiple media). I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort it takes to make these videos… picking the right scenes from the right anime, finding a uniting song or theme; it’s amazing! Some of these AMVs have also had some serious editing into them to make them as awesome as they are. If you’re into anime, you simply MUST check these out. They make me so excited about anime!

I’ve split this into two posts simply because it’s easier to navigate the seven AMVs, and because one of them is super long. Also, these are in no particular order 🙂

NOTE: Firstly, there may be possible spoilers ahead. I haven’t watched all of these series so I’m not 100% sure. Watch at your own risk. Secondly, some of these videos may induce motion sickness or epileptic seizures. Again, watch at your own risk.


Vivifx’s “Anime 101”

I’ve seen this AMV make its rounds on the internet a couple of times now. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out! It covers several things about anime including genre, common anime jokes, as well as many of the most popular series, all in a school setting! Be sure to re-watch it and pause to read all of the writing in the background… it shows how much thought has been put into this AMV! (Note: there are definitely spoilers about deaths in FMA/FMAB and Attack on Titan in this AMV).


sloken18amv’s “Fighting”

Two guesses as to what this AMV is about. There’s a nice collection of different fight scenes in this AMV. Although the song is not as intense as you’d expect it to be, I still like how everything fits together. A nice look at the whole “fighting for what you believe in” that you see in almost every anime. (Note: the first 26s is an introduction to the AMV, feel free to skip).


TsukuyomosAMV’s “Across the Line”

This is a relatively simpler AMV, but is a great example of “less is more”. It gets me so excited about anime when I watch it! I love how the scenes and lyrics match up so well, and how  I haven’t seen most of these anime, but it doesn’t matter, because the AMV is this good. All around it’s very clever!


Baka Oppai’s “Face Your Fears”

I thought I would finish up with something a little bit different. This incredibly clever AMV may not directly focus on as many different anime as some of the other AMVs, but it certainly produces one hell of an atmosphere. I love how the video shifts partway through from creating the horror feel of the AMV to showing off a couple of fight scenes. Videos like this get me really excited about what people out there can do with AMVs!


Stay tuned for part two next week… delaying it so I will hopefully having something written for the week after!



[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Eight: Your favourite quote from an anime

It’s another Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood post. I’m sorry. I do consider all of the other anime I’ve watched, but this is probably the only quote from anime that’s stuck with me. It’s okay, I don’t mind being the weirdly-obsessed-with-FMAB blogger. In fact, I will relish that title.

I assure you that when he is not so angry and veiny, he is damn good looking.

I assure you that when he is not so angry and veiny, he is damn good looking.

Anyway, moving on, the quote is from Ling Yao, who is pretty damn awesome. In the scene, he is talking to Greed just after [SPOILERS/] Greed killed Bido, his former friend. This is actually the second incarnation of Greed, and he snaps at Ling that the memories he has of Bido and his other friends belong to the previous Greed, and have nothing to do with him. Those memories should have been purified. Ling screams at him in return[\SPOILERS];

Friends are connected by soul! You can’t just rinse off something that’s stained on your soul!

I think that there’s so much truth to this quote. I believe that if you’ve spent enough time with someone to consider them a friend, then you will always have a lasting reminder of that person in your mind. You may not be thinking of them all the time, but you will get random reminders from different things; e.g. “Oh, I’m eating a mango, I remember that time Simone and I were exploring the creek behind her house whilst eating mangoes” or “Oh look! A cheetah on TV! I remember when Timmy, Becky and I used to play animal games and Timmy would always be a cheetah”. This kind of stuff stays with you for life. Friendship is a powerful thing; it’s not something you can easily forget… it can’t be washed off your soul.


[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Seven: The most bad-ass anime scene

Olivier 1

I really didn’t know what to put for this. I know lots of bad-ass characters… One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro, FMAB’s Olivier Armstrong, and Darker Than Black’s Hei are the few that come to mind straight away. However, I couldn’t really think of one bad-ass scene that really stood out… that is, what I would consider the “most bad-ass”. So instead of talking about the most bad-ass scene I’m going to talk about one of my favourite scenes with a bad-ass character in it [FMAB SPOILERS from here until the end]; Olivier Armstrong killing General Raven. So, General Raven has promised her a seat amongst the “chosen” elite of the army if she does what he says. Playing him in an attempt to get information, she agrees, and follows his orders. That is, until he tells her to forget about rescuing her men who have been trapped in an underground tunnel, and to turn a blind eye to the giant immortal thing that has dug its way into her fortress. That’s a step too far. Like any reasonable person, she casually STABS HIM THROUGH THE ARM and attempts to SLASH HIM IN HALF, which causes him to fall into the wet cement that was sealing the entrance to the tunnel.

raven's Death

As he drowns, she coolly informs him that he doesn’t need to organise a chair for her; she’ll simply take his. And then, calmly wiping the blood from her sword; “General, you are among the weak who will become the foundation for this country. Literally.” Throwing the bloodied gloves into the cement, she orders her men to smooth it out and marches off.

Holy hell. She’s so freaking bad-ass. I want to be her when I grow up.


See this face? This is a face you don't mes

See this face? This is a face you don’t mess with.