Day 30: A song that you haven’t listened to in a while

We’re finally here, on the last day of the 30 Day Song Challenge! I certainly had a lot of fun doing this challenge, and hopefully you’ve had fun seeing what songs I’ve chosen. You might have even found a new song that you like, or seen one of your own favourites appear!

For the last day, a song that you haven’t listened to in a while, I went with a classic 2000s emo/pop punk hit… Panic! at the Disco’s ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’. This song was played everywhere in Australia when it was first released, but I haven’t heard it in years. It remains a pretty good song.



Day 29: A song currently stuck in your head

The song currently stuck in my head is DAY6’s ‘I Wait’. I’m yet to actually own any songs by this group, as I feel that their previous songs sound very similar. However, ‘I Wait’ takes the band in a new direction with a different sound. It really suits the group’s voices, and makes me think of FT Island meets NELL. I like it.

What song is currently stuck in your head?


Day 27: A song you make fun of

To be honest, as much as I love K-Pop, I can’t help but make fun of it. I think a true fan of something can laugh at it when they recognise that it’s either not that good, or just unintentionally funny. For example, take a look at the way English is often used in K-Pop in the clip below. Fortunately, this is improving, but in the early days of K-Pop you’d have a hard time understanding what was being said as an English speaker! (Feel free to ignore the uploader’s comments in green, just pay attention to the lyrics in white).

Secondly, K-Pop is really well known for its misheard lyrics. Often these are Korean lyrics that just happen to sound like English words, and sometimes they’re mispronounced foreign words. The main problem is that once you’ve misheard the lyric, it’s very hard to hear it back the correct way!

Of course, this isn’t something that’s unique to K-Pop, you can find instances of both of these things in English songs. It just happens to be more common in this genre. Do you know any misheard lyrics or bad grammar that you always notice when listening to a song?


Day 26: A song by your favourite band

Well, questions like this always stump me. I don’t really have a favourite band. There’s a lot of bands that I love, but I don’t really consider any to be a favourite.

However, I have to post something, so having a look at what’s in my music library, the group whose music I have the most of is EXO. (Well actually, it’s “Various Artists”, but let’s not make this too difficult!). My favourite EXO song? It’s a bit of a hard choice, but I’m going to go with ‘Growl’. Plus, look at them dance moves!

Do you have a favourite band?


Day 25: An acoustic song you love

An acoustic song I absolutely love is the most well-known song of Australian folk band Redgum; ‘A Walk in the Light Green’, also known as ‘I Was Only Nineteen’. The song was penned in the 1980s after John Schumann spoke to Vietnamese war veterans about their experiences. I really like this live version of the song, with the back up up of the violin and flute.

The lyrics are really simple but meaningful. There’s a reason this song is considered a classic in Australia!


Day 24: A cover song

A cover song that I absolutely love is the collaboration between a cappella group Pentatonix and dub-step violinist Lindsey Stirling. The two powerhouses of the music side of Youtube teamed up to cover Imagine Dragon’s ‘Radioactive‘. They do the original song justice but still put their own unique spin on it. I absolutely love it!

I really like cover songs, so if you have a particular favourite, please share!