Struggling Against Slow Internet Speed and an Old Laptop

Doesn’t the thought of that title just drive you insane? Unfortunately, that’s currently my reality. The laptop, an old, cantankerous thing at the best of times, seems to have struck a deal with the internet, and is doing it’s best to drive me insane. To be fair, the slow internet is sort-of-very-much my own fault, having maxed out our usage at the start of last month when being on crutches for two weeks happened to coincide with the start of my EXO obsession, meaning I watched a lot of videos in a very short space of time. Whoops.


But with members as pretty as Lay, I just couldn’t help myself!

Basically, the long and short of it is that I’ve had no chance to really sit down and get some posts written, watch any anime or drama, or really do much related to the internet. I’ve been so good the past couple of weeks too! With our usage resetting tomorrow, hopefully I can get something out next Sunday, but if I’m absent for a few weeks, you know that I’m catching up on getting posts written.



One thought on “Struggling Against Slow Internet Speed and an Old Laptop

  1. While I have never really had these issues. I am pretty sure it would be horrible to have no Internet. Feel terrible for you too. After all. Internet is invigorating. See you for now.

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