One Year of Blogging!

Well, folks, today marks one year since my first post on here! My initial aim was to post once a week, but I have managed to fail that several times, whoops. Hopefully I’ll get a better handle on it in 2015.

What can you expect to see in the coming year?

  • Firstly, more reviews, and hopefully a bigger expansion on manga and Asian drama. I’m starting to catch up to what I’m watching now in anime, so those reviews may slow down a little.
  • Secondly, more non-review posts. I’m going to be incorporating more posts about AMVs, rants on what I love and hate about anime, and other posts to do with the greater anime culture.
  • Finally, I’m going to start up a new segment focusing on different seiyuu whose voices I’ve noticed in a lot of the anime I’ve watched. This will probably only be posted every few months, though, but I hope to provide a few interesting facts and highlight how varied these voice artists are.

I’d like to thank the 60 supporters who have followed this blog, and hope that I keep posting things interesting enough to keep you reading 🙂 If you have any suggestions or any comments on what you’re more interested in, feel free to let me know!

Finally, just because I studied psychology and am an expert on all thing stats, a few statistical things to finish off this post:

Three most viewed posts: My reviews of Another (104), Code Geass (59), and Sungkyunkwan Scandal (46).

Three least viewed posts: My review of [C] (2), Ookami Kakushi (3), and Psychic Detective Yakumo (4).

Most interesting search term that brought someone to this blog: “Neeba sex partner” (I’m just going to assume it has something to do with Tower of Druaga, and nothing else).

Most common search term that brought someone to this blog: Various combinations of “final destination anime” (hence why my Another review trumps every other review).

Most views from this country: United States (775)

Most unexpected country this blog was viewed from: Guadeloupe (didn’t even know it existed!)

Total posts (including this one): 41!

Thanks again to everyone following this blog!



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